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the cult: love removal machine

thinking of booking some time on this machine. i wonder, if the process is reversible, though? it's amazing how the band can do multiple wardrobe chan...

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Ray Montagne Such A Simple Thing Music

Ray Montagne: Such A Simple Thing

Beautiful poetry set to melodic soft music! The words are wonderfully pensive!...

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Damien RIce I Dont Want To Change You Music

Damien RIce: I Don't Want To Change You

Love this Irish singer! He is quite a musician and song writer. This is one of my favorite of his repertoire'....

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Michael W. Smith: Above All

One of my favorite song of Michael W. Smith. Wonderful heart touching song! There is nothing and no one can measure the love of God for all of us. S...

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David Gray This Years Love Music

David Gray: This Year's Love

Another favorite from David Gray, I loved the rain symbolism in the video....

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David Gray Sail Away Music

David Gray: Sail Away

I am very partial to my Celtic heritage and the singers from over the ocean! Having travelled and lived there the music brings back some great memorie...

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The Bahamas All The Time Music

The Bahamas: All The Time

Very Funky music and rhythmic!...

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The Bahamas Lost In The Light Music

The Bahamas: Lost In The Light

The music is hypnotizing and the lyrics the best!...

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Bruce Sprinsteen Dancing in the Dark Music

Bruce Sprinsteen: Dancing in the Dark

Can't start a fire without a spark!...

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Van Morrison Someone Like You Music

Van Morrison: Someone Like You

One of my favorite Irish singers!...

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Eva CassidyCover SongbirdAcoustic Music

Eva Cassidy(Cover): Songbird(Acoustic)

A beautiful song, originally written by Christine McVie(ex Fleetwood Mac). Eva Cassidy's version takes it to another level....

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Mumford & Sons: Believe

Believe...... Really cannot wait to see hear these guys live :)...

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TOTO: Africa

Toto - Africa 1982 "It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do I bless the rains dow...

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Chicago (Leonid & Friends cover): Does Anybody really know what time it is?

'Does anybody really know what time it is?' Cover by Leonid and Friends Tribute to Chicago band...

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Chicago (Leonid & Friends): I'm a Man

I'm A man is a tribute to Chicago group Sing by Leonid & friends...

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Alan Bayloc jazz: Cold Duck time

Cold Duck time Alan Bayloc Jazz Orchestra Bigband and Doc Severinsen...

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Barry Ryan: Eloise

A 1968 vintage rock song that is one of my favorites. Yours too?...

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Mariah Carey Without You Music

Mariah Carey: Without You


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carole king: so far away

began her career at the tender age of 16. has had a hand in 118 pop hits that have been performed/covered by many. she is a national treasure. i miss...

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The Eagles Desperado Music

The Eagles: Desperado

To all the men out there looking for something and still not knowing it is true love....

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joni mitchell: both sides now

performed 31 years after she 1st released this song. time has added deeper meaning and emotional impact. in 2004, rolling stone magazine ranked it 171...

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Kenny Rogers Someone Who Cares Music

Kenny Rogers: Someone Who Cares

Another CD which could be compared to this CD maybe from my heart would be his song titled; (After All This Time 1986) (Sing Me Your Love Song 1997) &...

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James taylor Fire and rain Music

James taylor: Fire and rain

Song of the reality in life...

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Doris day Que sera sera Music

Doris day: Que sera sera

What ever will be will be...

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coldplay w/guest appearance by michael j fox(!!!!): johnny b goode

what a moment for those in attendance!!! so, did michael actually play guitar in that graduation dance scene in the movie, back to the future?...

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barenaked ladies & the persuasions: good times

barenaked ladies, a canadian band, join musical talents with the ultimate a cappella group from brooklyn, the persuasions, to create a cd and go on to...

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CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin Out My Back Door Music

CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival ): Lookin Out My Back Door

Every song by this group were all famous hits :)...

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Kiss I Was Made For Lovin You Music

Kiss: I Was Made For Lovin' You

I Was Made for Lovin' You" is a song by American hard rock band Kiss, originally released on their 1979 album, Dynasty...

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Ray Bryant Trio: Angel eyes

Angel Eyes Album Ain't we got fun...

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barbra streisand: the way we were

yea....and i like the movie, too........

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Bob Dylan: Lilly, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

I prefer legal ways, but sometimes all that doesn't work. Then I love to push things by any means, if needed. And then I would expect my partner to f...

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Nicholas Brothers: Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers by Nicholas Brothers Recording in 1936 Very talented...

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Aretha Franklin: Rolling in the Deep

Adele must be proud that her song she wrote at the age of 21 years, then sung by Aretha a Soul Queen and world legendary...

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sarah mclachlan: angel

beautiful....simply beautiful....found a live version with carlos santana that takes it to a higher emotional level....check it out........

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Platina Jazz: Tonari No Totoro

Theme my neighbour totoro Platina Jazz anime...

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