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Kasuko Baba Lover Man Music

Kasuko Baba: Lover Man

Jazz piano trio of Kasuko Baba and friends...

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Kyu Sakamato Sukiyaki Song Music

Kyu Sakamato: Sukiyaki Song

Kyu Sakamato is only Japanese singer who went number 1 In the USA...

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Chris Cornell Nothing compares to you Music

Chris Cornell: Nothing compares to you

This is one of my favorite songs I enjoy the original but Just the emotion in chris's voice behind those powerful lyrics. Makes me miss alot of my e...

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Elton John: Sacrifice

This is the song that encourage us to make sacrifice for mutual happiness. You can never have a successful relationship without sacrifice. Simple wor...

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teenage head: somethin' on my mind

in memory of gord lewis, the lead guitarist of the band, who was apparently murdered by his son around august 5, 2022. i went to school with members o...

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Celso Fonseca Here There and Everywhere Music

Celso Fonseca: Here, There and Everywhere

Here, there and everywhere 1966 (Beatles, McCartney-Lennon)...

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Celso Fonseca What a Difference a Day made Music

Celso Fonseca: What a Difference a Day made

What a difference a day made.. 1959 (Maria Grever and Stanley Adams)...

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George lamond Look into my eyes Music

George lamond: Look into my eyes

This definitely brings out my age but still awesome...

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Blue Oyster Cult: Tattoo Vampire

I went down last night with a tattoo Madam To a nude dagger fantasy domain Wrapped in Hell, I lost my breath Chest to simulatin' Chinese breast...

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Mylene Farmer: Libertine

The Queen of French Pop Music, an icon. Her Live Shows are out of this world Je suis libertine ......

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Elton John: We Are Fall In Love Sometimes

Sometimes falling in love is accidental. It just happened when you least expected. I fall in love to someone. Never i will not forget him, he is happ...

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Creed Faceless man Music

Creed: Faceless man

Mankind in general...

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Marvin Gaye Whats Going On Music

Marvin Gaye: What's Going On

Awesome artist vocalist...Amazing song Mother Mother there's too many of you crying Brother Brother Brother there's far too many of you dying Yo...

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In this moment Dust Music

In this moment: Dust

This Artist excellent...

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Olivia Newton John Xanadu Music

Olivia Newton-John: Xanadu

Rest easy Olivia! Miss you already your music and spirit in fighting Cancer will be remembered 'Dame Olivia Newton-John'...

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Muse: Sing for Absolution

I liked the video before I liked the song (watch until the very, very end). I mean, it's space, and time travel, and cyrogenic suspended animation, an...

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Tom Day Archie Music

Tom Day: Archie

This is one of those songs that make me forget all the negativity in the world. It is truly a soul soothing piece of music. I can always count on the...

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Tommee Profitt In my blood enemy Music

Tommee Profitt: In my blood/enemy

Epic music orchestral pop...

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Van Halen Ill wait Music

Van Halen: I'll wait

One of my fav's...

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Joey Alexander BALI Music

Joey Alexander: BALI

He is a big guy now Bali #Joey Alexander Album Eclips...

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Anita Baker Sweet Love Music

Anita Baker: Sweet Love

The 80's music So glad I grew up in this era...

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Hillsong Worship: Shout To The Lord

God never sends you into situation alone. God goes before you, He stands beside you, He walks behind you. Whatever situation you have right now, God n...

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Shakira Antologa Music

Shakira: Antología

Childhood song special and beutiful...

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Al Steward and friends Year of The Cat Music

Al Steward and friends: Year of The Cat

Year of the Cat Produced Alan Parsons Composed and Write Al Steward & Peter Wood Music George Ford Peter White Peter Wood Tim Renwick Phil Kenzie...

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U2 Until the End of the World Music

U2: Until the End of the World

On the soundtrack of my youth. Great song from a great album & my # tune....

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Crush Jelly head Music

Crush: Jelly head

Just a classic...

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Springsteen Dont Change Music

Springsteen: Don't Change

Not a Springsteen song, But his version has so much passion. Its about acceptance...

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Jonathan Ostlund Nocturnia Etheral Nights Ascendance Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Nocturnia - Etheral Night's Ascendance

piece for Symphony Orchestra, Chorus, and Piano Obligato, recorded at Mosfilm, Moscow - featured on my album 'Mistral'...

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Jonathan Ostlund Sonata for Cello Piano Night struck mvt II Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Sonata for Cello & Piano 'Night-struck', mvt. II

featured on my first (double) album; 'Lunaris'...

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Bela Babai: The best years of my life

Lyrics With you I spent the best years of my life I don't know how to thank you for all you've done If only I could be in your arms again.....Dear...

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Jose James They Cant Take that away Music

Jose James: They Can't Take that away

They Can't Take that away from me. Album. Fifty shades darker Jose James...

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The Yellowjackets feat Michael Frank The Dream Music

The Yellowjackets feat. Michael Frank: The Dream

Yellowjackets feat. Michael Frank "The Dream"...

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Bob James Youre As Right As Rain Music

Bob James: You're As Right As Rain

Bob James Album : Two...

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