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Marcus Nimbler Enter the Sandman Music

Marcus Nimbler: Enter the Sandman

This is cover of Metallica's Enter the Sandman....

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Tina Turner Proud Mary Music

Tina Turner: Proud Mary

it's the morning...this song will not get you to sleep..unless you can dance like hell when snoozing... Rolling on the River!!!!!!!!!! Cmon...

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Christina Aguilera: Candy Man

there are tons of military in our neighborhood, so when this song came out i loved it :)...

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Pat Metheny: Last Train Home - Acoustic

This magnificent guitar piece takes you to another place.......

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Crash Kings: Mountain Man

Whoa.. his booming voice, those drums, that chord progression, just rocks out! Love this song!...

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Beautiful South had a little time Music

Beautiful South: had a little time

i sing...the boys and girls part..i love this song...

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GEORGE Michael Fast love Music

GEORGE Michael: Fast love

Amazing musician...

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MALIN (Accoustic unplugged): Our God

Beautiful worshiped accoustic instrument...

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The Ting Tings: That's Not My Name

I love this upbeat song! Tho it's about isolation in the music industry....

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Kidum Shamba Music

Kidum: Shamba

This is one of the great Burundian singers, Kidum. he sings in the Kirundi language. The song is talking about stories that are told by grandfathers e...

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Nickel Back If today was your last day Music

Nickel Back: If today was your last day

Nickel back has good songs. I have a variety of songs I like...

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dolly parton ity bissant country place Music

dolly parton: ity bissant country place

best brothel i've ever visited....yet!...

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Ralph mctell streets of London Music

Ralph mctell: streets of London

i love to play this on the guitar,and i sing it...

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flip n phill up up up and away Music

flip n phill: up up up and away

this is just to get you in a good mood...

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Dire straights romeo and juliet Music

Dire straights: romeo and juliet

this song is what i like about a new relationship.."not serious at first".,....

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ian van dahl castles in the sky Music

ian van dahl: castles in the sky

yes...we danced to it like nutters in the old's been forgottem for being too famous?...

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across the universe let it be Music

across the universe: let it be

easy to interpret...

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across the universe dear prudence Music

across the universe: dear prudence

flower power anyone? i can highly recommend it...

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some high school musical thingy touch a touch me Music

some high school musical thingy: touch a touch me

if you can seduce me like this..i'm yours forever.....

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simon garfunkal bright eyes Music

simon/garfunkal: bright eyes

just beautiful...

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Queen somebody to love Music

Queen: somebody to love

i know it's shameful asking someone else to find me love..but freddie mercury is quite good at it..thx mate !!...

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Sauti Sol Kuliko Jana Music

Sauti Sol: Kuliko Jana

I used to have a world music programme on an online radio. I loved discovering music form other countries. Absolutely oed this one by Sauti Sol, a boy...

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war of the worlds Forever Autumn Music

war of the worlds: Forever Autumn

if/when we ever have a ufo invasion we should definately play this song during it....and have a nice cup of tea as well...

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across the universe originally Beatles all you need is love Music

across the universe..originally Beatles: all you need is love

1 of my favourite movies..contains music originally by the beatles...

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walk the moon shut up and dance Music

walk the moon: shut up and dance

great attitude in this the energy...

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Michael Jackson Smooth criminal Music

Michael Jackson: Smooth criminal

The Greatest Artist Ever!!...

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CTM Vulnerable Music

CTM: Vulnerable

My first debut as an aspiring singer/songwriter. A R/B/Pop song. I recorded this song a few years ago....

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Chantae Cann feat Snarky Puppy Da Da n Da Music

Chantae Cann feat. Snarky Puppy: Da Da 'n Da

This song carries me through the day. Upon waking up in the morning I am full of energy and ready to go out into the world and celebrate life. This so...

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Saint Germain Sure Thing Music

Saint Germain: Sure Thing

This song has a live feel and it simply rocks. Totally unique and the rhythm just keeps you moving smoothly....

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Kindred The Family Soul Where Would I Be The Question Music

Kindred The Family Soul: Where Would I Be (The Question)

I like this song because (the question) that is very rarely asked - is asked in such a beautiful and meaningful way. It allows us to give credit to so...

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Love song: Showers of love

I do miss the love...

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toni braxton wasnt man enough for me Music

toni braxton: wasn't man enough for me

let this other woman know...

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Sarah Mclachlan Adia Music

Sarah Mclachlan: Adia


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Stevie Nicks Landslide Music

Stevie Nicks: Landslide


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Little Feat Fool Yourself Music

Little Feat: Fool Yourself

Track from their third album "Dixie Chicken" released in 1973....

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Elton John Little Jeannie Music

Elton John: Little Jeannie

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Pink: Just Give Me A Reason

Karaoke - My Karaoke partner is young, 27, also Gay, married (him n hubby very happy together) n me, just a purty older woman (ha you notice I didn't...

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Lenny Kravitz Aint no sunshine When Shes Gone Music

Lenny Kravitz: Ain't no sunshine (When She's Gone)

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone Only darkness every day...

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Kelly Clarkson: Stronger

Sometimes, the words in a song mean so much.......

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Simply Red Simply Red Greatest Hits Music

Simply Red: Simply Red - Greatest Hits

One of my favorite! I just love the voice of Mick Hucknall....

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