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The Corrs Summer Sunshine Music

The Corrs: Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine...

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The Corrs Runaway Music

The Corrs: Runaway

I have runaway with you......

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Sophie B Hawkins Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover Official Video Music

Sophie B. Hawkins: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (Official Video)

You know there's something going on in your head when you look at a picture and say out loud "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and the song isn't even pl...

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LaVern Baker Jim Dandy to the Rescue 1956 Music

LaVern Baker: Jim Dandy to the Rescue (1956)

Rescuing damsels in distress is something I have always done. Met my now deceased wife who was stopped by the side of the road with car trouble. We we...

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Johnny Maestro w the Brooklyn Bridge Sincerely Music

Johnny Maestro w. the Brooklyn Bridge: Sincerely

Simply outstanding acapella doo-wop by deceased former lead of the Crests backed by an equally impressive harmony group. Harvey & the Moonglows 1954 v...

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Louis Armstrong Kiss of Fire Music

Louis Armstrong: Kiss of Fire

The original is called El choclo. It's an Argentine Tango composed around 1900 by someone I've never heard of. The Louis Armstrong version is not the...

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Charles Trenet La Mer 1946 Music

Charles Trenet: La Mer (1946)

You know this as Beyond the Sea by Bobby Daren but the Enlish lyrics to Beyond the Sea are not a translation of the French lyrics. The French version...

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Johnny Rodriguez I Wanta Wake Up With You 1988 Music

Johnny Rodriguez: I Wanta Wake Up With You (1988)

Maybe he stole a chivo to make cabrito and maybe he didn't. ¡Que sepa la chingada! This is still one Hell of a song that anyone who loves music and cu...

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Jennifer Hudson Night Life Music

Jennifer Hudson: Night Life

ICYMI From the 2021 CMA Awards Great googly-moogly! Jennifer Hudson channeling Aretha with a song penned by Willie around 1960 while he was li...

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Earl Lewis the Channels My Love Will Never Die Music

Earl Lewis & the Channels: My Love Will Never Die

Time y'all heard some authentic 50's New York City Doo-Wop make-out music. I sometimes say that I'd go back there for a thin crust Napolitano pie and...

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The Jacks Why Dont You Write Me 1955 Music

The Jacks: Why Don't You Write Me? (1955)

If you were here now, we'd be dancing to this in the kitchen while I made you dinner. Seriously....

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Ray LaMontagne I Was Born To Love You Music

Ray LaMontagne: I Was Born To Love You

Another awesome guitar song by Ray!...

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Eric Benet The Last Time Music

Eric Benet: The Last Time

Eric Benét The Last Time...

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Jasper Steverlinck Thats Not How Dreams Are Made Music

Jasper Steverlinck: That's Not How Dreams Are Made

Such a mellow beautiful voice and the music is ethereal!...

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Big Bill Broonzy The Glory of Love 1957 Music

Big Bill Broonzy: The Glory of Love (1957)

Listen to the words. This is what it's all about....

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Roberto Carlos Amada Amante Music

Roberto Carlos: Amada Amante

Brazilian Roberto Carlos singing a slow jam in Spanish. Original version is in Portuguese....

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Merle Haggard Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star Music

Merle Haggard: Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star

The Hag doing some countrified Doo Wop with a *trombone solo* in the instrumental channel!...

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Elvin Bishop Fooled Around and Fell in Love 1976 Music

Elvin Bishop: Fooled Around and Fell in Love (1976)

Has been known to happen. One can only hope....

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The Coasters Im a Hog for You Baby Music

The Coasters: I'm a Hog for You Baby

Same guys who did Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, Three Cool Cats and lots of other great 50's songs. I'd sing this to Miss Piggy if I were dating her. The...

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The Cadillacs Please be My Girlfriend Music

The Cadillacs: Please be My Girlfriend

Thought this an appropriate song to post. Basically acapella except for the drum. The Cadillacs are mostly known for the original, quintessential vers...

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Linda Ronstadt: Perfidia

A both classical and enchanting song. Linda Ronstadt sings in Spanish, with a Mexican accent....

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Teddy Wilson Vocal by Lady Day Moanin Low 1937 Music

Teddy Wilson - Vocal by "Lady Day": Moanin' Low (1937)

I like to put me on an entire CD of Lady Day for getting down. Not sure who is playing sax on this but its a fine compliment to the Billie Holiday voc...

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Big Yayo The Boots on Song feat Omar Cunningham Music

Big Yayo: The Boots on Song (feat. Omar Cunningham)

Hard to classify the genre. Speaks to me. Believe I own 7 or 8 pair of western boots and a couple pair of work boots. This song is an absolute hoot...

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James Brown the Famous Flames Try Me 1958 Music

James Brown & the Famous Flames: Try Me (1958)

Has that Cookie & the Cupcakes Louisiana sax ensemble sound....

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James Brown Prisoner of Love Music

James Brown: Prisoner of Love

Escapee here but you can "Try Me". I believe I'll post that one too....

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Commodores Easy Music

Commodores: Easy

Free since Easter...

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Chi Lites Oh Girl Music

Chi-Lites: Oh Girl

Enough said....

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The Trashmen Surfin Bird Bird is the Word 1963 Music

The Trashmen: Surfin Bird - Bird is the Word 1963

Don't eat anything with wings or that flies but for those of you who do... The start of a new Thanksgiving tradition. They bring out the The Bird...

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Vince Vance The Valiants All I Want For Christmas Is You 1989 Music

Vince Vance & The Valiants: All I Want For Christmas Is You (1989)

Already getting reminders to work on my Christmas Play List. Here's that other All I Want for Christmas is You song Most played Country Music Christ...

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Johnny Dee the Rocket 88s Dont Mess with Texas Ad 1993 Music

Johnny Dee & the Rocket 88's: Don't Mess with Texas Ad 1993

Been 10 years since Johnny Dee passed (10/2011). First saw him at a defunct Houston club called Steamboat Springs on Richmond, Alabama or Westheimer....

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Janette the Four Vagabonds Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Standard Transcr X 133 1943 Music

Janette & the Four Vagabonds: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Standard Transcr. X-133) 1943

Vocal is by Janette Davis who also sang the Carolina Rice radio commercial in the 50's. "Carolina the extra long-grained rice." The Four Vagabonds are...

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Louis Jordan I Want You to Be My Baby Music

Louis Jordan: I Want You to Be My Baby

King of the Jukebox Louis Jordan - Sax player, song writer, singer, actor, band leader...

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Dubs Chapel of Dreams Music

Dubs: Chapel of Dreams

The Dubs are mostly known for "Could This be Magic" but this song by them went international. Check out the Italian version by ex-pat Wess & the Airda...

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Delbert McClinton No Chicken on the Bone Music

Delbert McClinton: No Chicken on the Bone

We welcome back Delbert with a song that has that Hit the Road Jack beat and feel to it. I don't believe this song is really about a woman eating chic...

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Albert Collins Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland Black Cat Bone Music

Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland: Black Cat Bone

When they singin', about a big leg woman and Texas in the same song you cannot go wrong...

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Brenda Boykin Straight to Memphis Music

Brenda Boykin: Straight to Memphis

Have some electro-swing dance music with electro-swing scat vocal. Still waiting for the US to discover electro-swing. More popular in Europe than her...

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Karen Dalton Little Bit of Rain Music

Karen Dalton: Little Bit of Rain

I play this one song when I'm drinking red wine and want to feel really sad. Worth a listen if you have never heard her before. Novel phrasing and aut...

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Jerry Butler the Impressions For Your Precious Love Music

Jerry Butler & the Impressions: For Your Precious Love

When I saw a girl I wanted to slow dance with and grind, I would make sure they played this 45 which was still very popular in the 60's....

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Ronnie Hawkins the Hawks Mary Lou Music

Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks: Mary Lou

My favorite 50's "gold-digging woman" song by ex-pat Ronnie Hawkins (Arkansas to Canada), cousin of rockabilly Dale Hawkins who recorded the original...

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Delbert McClinton Giving It Up for Your Love Music

Delbert McClinton: Giving It Up for Your Love

Sometimes old Delbert reincarnates that 60's Sam & Dave sound....

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Wynonie Harris Keep On Churnin Til the Butter Comes Music

Wynonie Harris: Keep On Churnin' (Til the Butter Comes)

My all time fav from Blues Shouter Wynonie Harris. Some of the best double entendre lyrics you will ever hear in a risque blues song....

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Melanie Fiona Give It To Me Right Music

Melanie Fiona: Give It To Me Right

Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer. Is Canadian of Afro-Guyanese descent but you would swear she was Afro-American from some place like Musc...

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