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Jamiroquai Black Devil Car Music

Jamiroquai: Black Devil Car

Funk ain't in the drop down so i've put "pop" which isn't even close to Funk!!!...

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Oscar Peterson & Oliver Jones: Just friends

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, a Canadian jazz pianist, virtuoso and composer. He was called the "Maharaja of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington. One of t...

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L7 Pretend Were Dead Music

L7: Pretend We're Dead

Sorry for the newest generations but today's music at least the last 20 years compared with 70's 80's 90's its...

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Brian Cultbertson: Back in the day and so good

Released in 2009, but still rockin' and shakin'...

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Frank Sinatra: You make me feel so young

Frankie again You really makes me feel so young...

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Jamiroquai Where Do We Go from Here Music

Jamiroquai: Where Do We Go from Here?

That song is Funk but ain't Funk option on categories so... I'll Paste Lyrics too... That's the...

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Sir Joe Quarterman I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind1973 Music

Sir Joe Quarterman: (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind(1973)

That's Actual Music Not The Modern Crap... That's Actually Funk/Soul.......

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Incognito Nights Over Egypt Music

Incognito: Nights Over Egypt

For all those that likes Incognito. Not sure if the appropriate category its Jazz but hey i actually do...

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Kandace Springs: The nearness of you

It's not the pale moon That excites me That thrills and delights me Oh no It's just the nearness of you Hoagy Carmichael 1938...

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Kandace Spring: Love got in the way

Her voice sounds and fresh like Springs Kandace Springs perform with David Sanborn...

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Simply Red: Holding back the years

Simply Red live show in Montreaux Jazz Fest 1992 Their early music appearance as a Soul Jazz group...

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SIMPLY RED Stars Music


A nice song for my future soulmate......

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Will Young: Light My Fire

The Doors #Jim Morrison (1966) *I prefer Will Young version...

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Etta James At Last Best Music

Etta James: At Last Best

I think her voice is unreal and this album has some of her best works on it...

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Seal Its a Mans World Music

Seal: It's a Man's World

Classic sample.....

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Van Morrison Brand New Day Music

Van Morrison: Brand New Day

Van The Man again...

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Jamiroquai Drifting Along Music

Jamiroquai: Drifting Along

Gosh how can i dislike JK Reggae/Funk it would be BLASFEMIC FOR ME!!! Every times i hear that song i start singing and dancing like a crazy a.. Bonu...

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Hiromi Uehara: Blackbird

Blackbird (The Beatles) played by Hiromi Uehara with her own piano arrangement . It is slightly different from the common Blackbird Jazz piano transcr...

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David Gray Say Hello Wave Goodbye Music

David Gray: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Think this is a great song. Just close your eyes and listen....

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US3 Cantaloop Music

US3: Cantaloop

BANANAS Groove Style....

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Vanilla ice Ice lce baby Music

Vanilla ice: Ice lce baby

I this music it was in the 90...

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JustoFunk The Ghetto Music

JustoFunk: The Ghetto

That's actually Acid Jazz...

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The Beatles: Hey Bulldog

The Beatles Hey Bulldog 1969 You can talk to me.. You can talk to me You can talk to me If you're lonely ,you can talk to me.....

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TELEX LAmours Tojours Music

TELEX: L'Amours Tojours

Classic dance song from the 80's....

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CONCRETE BLONDE Why Dont You See Me Music

CONCRETE BLONDE: Why Don't You See Me?

Should have been the first single released....

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Don Henley Last Worthless Evening Music

Don Henley: Last Worthless Evening

Be calm my heart......

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Sam Ryder: Whirlwind

This vocalist is amazing. This is his first song and I think it will be a great success and he will become a established artist in his own right very...

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SEGA Genesis SEGA Genesis Music Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Full Original Soundtrack OST Mastered in Studio Music

SEGA Genesis: [SEGA Genesis Music] Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Full Original Soundtrack OST (Mastered in Studio)

TRACKLIST 1. Title Screen Theme (0:00?) 2. Options Screen (0:10?) 3. Emerald Hill Zone (0:30?) 4. Chemical Plant Zone (2:05?) 5. Aquatic Ruin Z...

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