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Frank Zappa Pink Napkins Music

Frank Zappa: Pink Napkins

Its a great live instrumental piece...its jazz rock ...split right about down the middle......

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Lady Gaga Just Dance Music

Lady Gaga: Just Dance

Memories, memories.......

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Arlo Guthrie City of New Orleans Music

Arlo Guthrie: City of New Orleans

New Orleans, Mardi Graw ....some day lol...

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QuarterFlash Harden My Heart Music

QuarterFlash: Harden My Heart

Just leave the 80's lol...

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Pitbull Give Me Everything Music

Pitbull: Give Me Everything

This one almost gets me to drink a few tasty drinks, some Fireball lol...

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Susan Jacks I Thought of You Again Music

Susan Jacks: I Thought of You Again...

Only the lonely can play.......

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Michael Bolton Soul provider Music

Michael Bolton: Soul provider

Soul provider...

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Mel Carter Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Music

Mel Carter: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Captivating and Charismatic performance! Mel Carter began his career with Sam Cooke's SAR record label in the early 1960s. Carter has es...

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Wayne Brady The Fox on Masked Singer All Solos Music

Wayne Brady: The Fox on Masked Singer (All Solos)

Wayne Brady was great as the Fox on Masked Singer. Here are all of his solo performances and winning moment. Enjoy!...

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WawamuStats Spread of Coronavirus Music

WawamuStats: Spread of Coronavirus

The Spread of Coronavirus Around the World......

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Marty Robbins El Peso Music

Marty Robbins: El Peso

I still reminisce n still remember a lot of the old 60's favorites i used to listen to our cute white lil battery operated radio my parents had, oh I...

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Judy Collins Someday Soon Music

Judy Collins: Someday Soon

A travelling man who is making his way back home to be with his woman, from the 70's...

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Cal Smith Country Bumpkin Music

Cal Smith: Country Bumpkin

A tear jerker, but sounds like romance was in the air lol from the 60's......

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Manat Noor Like clove and cardamom Music

Manat Noor: Like clove and cardamom

1billion plus and counting . Great song....

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Edith piaf Le vie en rose Music

Edith piaf: Le vie en rose

Lovely tune and song. Saw Stella Advert on tv. Fell on love....

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Edith piaf No regrets Music

Edith piaf: No regrets

10 October 1963 we lost this beautiful lady. What a song/singer . 10 Oct 2020 today...

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Luis fonsi Despacito Music

Luis fonsi: Despacito

Wow what a song. Almost 7billion views....

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D I snake Lean on me Music

D I snake: Lean on me

Great song. Great dance moves...

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Mary Hopkins Those were the days Music

Mary Hopkins: Those were the days

How time flies?...

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Limbizkit Killing the name Music

Limbizkit: Killing the name

for relaxing!!...

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Willie Nelson Yesterday i did not know Music

Willie Nelson: Yesterday i did not know

Damn it fit Willie damn well because he have taxes dept and huge sum 16 million of dollars. How in hell old man can pay them ever....

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Leo Sayer More than I can say Music

Leo Sayer: More than I can say

I love you more than I can say...where are you ?...

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Johnny Nash Rock me Baby Music

Johnny Nash: Rock me Baby

i would like you to rock me baby......

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Eddie Van Halen Eruption Music

Eddie Van Halen: Eruption

RIP "Master tapping" There will only be one Eddie a legend...

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Spyro Gyra Early Hits medley from Our home to Yours Music

Spyro Gyra: Early Hits medley from Our home to Yours

Spyro Gyra Jam session from our home to yours " Shaker Song " Catching the Sun " Morning Dance...

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sarah buxton holding out for a hero cover Music

sarah buxton: holding out for a hero cover

i need a hero from shrek 2 + lyrics...

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Kodly Hry Jnos Intermezzo Music

Kodály: Háry János Intermezzo

Kodály Zoltán: Háry János Intermezzo...

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Zoltn Kocsis Concerto No 2 in A major Music

Zoltán Kocsis: Concerto No. 2 in A major

The young Zoltán Kocsis plays the piano in the Music Accademy in the 1970's Budapest...

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Piano Zoltn Kocsis Liszt Les Preludes Music

Piano: Zoltán Kocsis: Liszt: Les Preludes

Liszt: Les Preludes St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra Zoltán Kocsis, conductor...

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Javier Elorrieta Cest Si Bon Music

Javier Elorrieta: C'est Si Bon

C'est Si Bon Singer Javier Elorrieta Enjoy !...

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Make rules Love yourself and other Music

Make rules: Love yourself and other

Love???? love love love love love love love...

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Marko Hirsma Riding Music

Marko Hirsma: Riding

Backsliders biker mucic....

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Story World Alice was a wise goat Music

Story World: Alice was a wise goat

Subtitles added in story just on it...

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Vesamatti Loiri and Samuel Edelmann City with its beatiful lights is only shadow to me Music

Vesamatti Loiri and Samuel Edelmann: City with its beatiful lights,is only shadow to me

i woke up with the sun to walk on the beach,watching all the infinite something i suspected the lovers walk again,hand in hand under the tree they...

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Dire Straits Sultans of Swing Music

Dire Straits: Sultan's of Swing

I think the band Dire Straits's leader singer is Sultan of Swing only by his choice of beat of the exceptional tune to the music of this song n where...

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Simple Minds Dont You Forget About Me Music

Simple Minds: Don't You Forget About Me

Sometimes you forget then you remember... Sometimes you remember then you forget......

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Pirat Karaiby Don Kamizi Music

Pirat Karaiby: Don Kamizi

This sounds like a ' Let's get back together " song lol luv it, tho...

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Bob Seger Still the same Music

Bob Seger: Still the same

Does this remind you of anyone ?...

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Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line Music

Electric Light Orchestra: Telephone Line

Haven't heard this one for a while....make me want to miss someone lol but who ? lol...

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