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Welcome to the Movies section. Below is a list of Movies posted by members. Good movies make great dates. Post your favorite movies, watch movies, and comment on movies. Click here to post a movie. Add your favorite movies to your profile- by choosing a movie below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which movies members like, write reviews on movies you've watched, or read reviews & comments written by other members.

The Thing Movie

The Thing (1982)

i love the special effects in this movie....

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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)

I love that movie. I got this on dvd......

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Friday The 13th Movie

Friday The 13th (1980)

The 1st. in the series and best!...

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Happy Birthday to Me Movie

Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

Everyone has different way to have fun at a birthday party :>...

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Madea Goes To Jail Movie

Madea Goes To Jail (2009)

i love this movie so much that i watch it every chance i get....

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Road Trip Movie

Road Trip (2000)

Funny. Great entertainment...

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Dead Alive Movie

Dead Alive (1992)

I own that movie on blu-ray......

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Perfect Sense Movie

Perfect Sense (2011)

An amazing move....

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basic instinct Movie

basic instinct (1992)

I saw that since years, but it still excites me and makes me like a fire ball....

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Outstanding movie!...

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Project x Movie

Project x (2012)

Best Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!! I recommend watching it =)...

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Childs Play Movie

Child's Play (1988)

I recently watched this for the first time for many years with a friend and it still scared me. I`ll admit that I still wouldn`t watch it on my own....

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The Legend of 1900 Movie

The Legend of 1900 (1998)

That is a finger breaker...

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The Next Three Days Movie

The Next Three Days (2010)

Lara Brennan is arrested for murdering her boss with whom she had an argument. It seems she was seen leaving the scene of the crime and her fingerprin...

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Zombie Strippers Movie

Zombie Strippers (2008)

I loved the feel to this movie. Its not a high budget hollywood movie. But that`s not to say that they didnt do a great job on effect and make-up. Its...

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Get Rich or Die Tryin Movie

Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

Based on the gangster culture with lots of drugs and guns. I loved it. To be honest I didn`t watch this for a long time due to I thought it would be t...

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Hot Fuzz Movie

Hot Fuzz (2007)

2 really good horror comedies, Favourites of mine,if u like these u may also like the scary movie series...

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The Shawshank Redemption Movie

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Epic movie. Stephen King is a genius...

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Superbad Movie

Superbad (2007)

One of my favourite comedies. Hilarious :)...

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The Notebook Movie

The Notebook (2004)

Could watch this over and over again and still get tears @}~~...

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Night of the Living Dead Movie

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Night of the Living Dead......

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GO Movie

GO (1999)

excellent. great cast, great story. alot of fun...

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No strings attached Movie

No strings attached (2011)

the most fantastic one and you kutcher!!...

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Day of the Dead Movie

Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead......

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Zombie Movie

Zombie (1979)

A zombie cult classic...

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Mrs Browns Boys Movie

Mrs. Brown's Boys (2011)

Never fails to make me laugh, seriously funny!...

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Return of the Living Dead Necropolis Movie

Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005)

Return of the Living Dead......

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The Return of the Living Dead Movie

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Return of the Living Dead...

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The Return Of The Living Dead Movie

The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

The Liveing Dead......

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When In Rome Movie

When In Rome (2010)

it represents my love life......

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Elegy Movie

Elegy (2008)

Like the tittle this movie is an elegy. A journey outside and within oneself, a man. How lust and passion then become obsession and in the end help yo...

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meet joe black Movie

meet joe black (1998)

A love story entwined in a life lesson and all with some of the most exquisite music you are likely to hear. Clair Florlani is captivating and mixes s...

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The Green Mile Movie

The Green Mile (1999)

Beautifully emotional story. Fantastic. Love Stephen King....

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Apocalypse Now Movie

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper and Laurence Fishbourne are Icons in this movie...

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This movie shows you anyone can get up and dance. One of my happy movies...

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Thor Movie

Thor (2011)

Cant get any better then this...

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Friends with benefits Movie

Friends with benefits (2011)

Good laugh...

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Warrior Movie

Warrior (2011)

One of the best fighting dramas ever....

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Eraser Movie

Eraser (1996)

Love this movie...

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Raw Deal Movie

Raw Deal (1986)

Very Old School...

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Red Heat Movie

Red Heat (1988)

Fun To wacth...

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Avatar Movie

Avatar (2009)

My fav movie a must see. At first i was like i am not gonna like this but i loved it....

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