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LonelinessAll my life Ive been oh so empty. Unfortunately at some point, I found out what it was that is missing... I so much need for that right woman to co...

Unknown1762Feb 2009Feb 2009

IF...If I could just one wish I would wish to wake up every day, To the sound of your breath on my neck, The w...

claudya1,1004Feb 2009Feb 2009

A FINE ROMANCEOne day,your arms will possess me, One day,you will ask me for my hand, One day,the ring will be shining, In the sun as we walk t...

claudya1,0261Feb 2009Feb 2009
train of love 1

train of love (1)Oh, Lost Honour! A Short Story by: SamiSalah 1 On her way back home, Sumer was accompanied by her boyfriend Sam, to the corner of Castle...

Unknown1541Jan 2009Feb 2009

THE MIRACLE OF FRIENDSHIPTHE MIRACLE OF FRIENDSHIP There's a miracle called Friendship That dwells within the heart And you don't...

claudya1,0654Feb 2009Feb 2009
The time of death is

The time of death is....It was Friday,the 13th,the day before Valentine`s Day.My son,John was having a debate where to go to take his girl friend on a date.To a party?No-,si...

moonkitten6252Feb 2009Feb 2009
Reading difficulties

Reading difficulties!Why is it that day after day -- people keep attempting to IM me? Just goes to show...some folks just don't read profiles all the way through!...

Unknown1704Jan 2009Feb 2009

LoveLove is gentle Love is kind Love is the caring and sharing of two hearts combined, Most of all Love takes time......

Unknown1080Feb 2009
My Anger Controls Me

My Anger Controls MeMy anger controls me Controls all aspects of my life Inside and outside There is no escape Those who know me will Well stay away For my an...

Unknown1622Jan 2009Feb 2009
25th CENTURY 66

25th CENTURY (66)’Mpo’ shouted Alexander and nod them to come. He showed the mussels under the sea but they were not interest, as thought were stones. Alexander told t...

Unknown1950Feb 2009
Being single

Being single.BEING SINGLE SUCKS a** BIGTIME!!!! Perhaps the shittiest bit of all has to be headin home after a night out. Why??? I hear you say.. it...

smokin4402451Jan 2009Feb 2009
Dont Be Sad On Valentines Day Or Night

Dont Be Sad On Valentines Day Or Night!Hello apologies here for those that have read this already but its fast approaching and I only posted this to help those that may be putting too much...

Mrhappyman3300Feb 2009

BE HONEST AND FOLLOW YOUR HEARTDear Blogger, On this world some people are not honest and sincerely. I would suggest when you are having somebody a connecting in this website. Yo...

Unknown2844Jan 2009Feb 2009

GOATEE'S RELIGION VS LIFE IN CHRISTRomans 3:8 Let us do evil so good may result? Their condemnation is deserved. Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to neighbor therefore love is fulfill...

Unknown3840Feb 2009
The Gull

The GullWhere are you from? she asked I don't have home! look at that gull, does it have a home? so, we are the same, I'm a gull! You seem you are a...

Unknown1611Jan 2009Feb 2009
What I Love About You

What I Love About YouI love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make m...

zaoyar5450Feb 2009
The Road Not Taken

The Road Not TakenAnother one of my favorites: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked...

Unknown1551Feb 2009Feb 2009
Where are the real men

Where are the real men!?I get really tired of all the losers, men who wants to find quick sex online!...

Unknown43811Jan 2009Feb 2009
Poli xero flertaro mia

Poli xero flertaro mia!Apo poli prin mekri ke tora,pisteva pos eine skliri,ke apofasismeni,na min ftasi os eki,alla tin teleftea stigmi paradhothike!? Tora! paradhotho e...

zenuni4220Feb 2009
I ellinidhes eine i omorfoteres

I ellinidhes eine i omorfoteres!Yasas stis omorfes me ta ola tous,aftes kseroun ti tha pei dhiaskedhasi!...

zenuni3351Jan 2009Feb 2009
The Long Short of It

The Long & Short of ItI`ve stayed in this world for the LONG haul-Being SHORT on temperment,& money makes things hard-Especially when the dollar can lose it`s value,for suc...

moonkitten4562Jan 2009Feb 2009
To a stranger

To a strangerPassing stranger! you do not know How longingly I look upon you, You must be he I was seeking, Or she I was seeking (It comes to me as a dream)...

Unknown2143Feb 2009Feb 2009

LOVELove is like a mountain hard to climb, But once you get to the top The view is beautiful....

claudya9650Feb 2009
Lots to be grateful for huh

Lot's to be grateful for huh?I was supposed to go to church with a lady across the street, when I told Hugo that I didn’t feel so great, I told him that I was not going to church...

Unknown3605Jan 2009Feb 2009
When do you know

When do you know?When do you know you've met the ONE .... when after kissing that person for the very first KNOW, life as you know it will never be the same...

Unknown1723Jan 2009Feb 2009

heyI have fun with the alsome drinking game with friends...

Unknown1580Jan 2009
im a loser break me forever

im a loser...............break me forever.......!!fragile and frail simply fading under the cloudy foggy sky.. how long i can survive like this? its not easy to die.. i know that. i can...

Unknown43411Jan 2009Jan 2009
You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful...You are Beautiful For one brief shining moment you were with me And then you were gone I thank the Universal Spirit for the divine gift of your pre...

Unknown1710Jan 2009
You ask him

"You ask him"A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even th...

4MaryB8613Jan 2009Jan 2009
Was it a hipo or a rhino I was swimming with O

Was it a hipo or a rhino I was swimming with?... OWas it a hipo or a rhino I was swimming with?... Oh take your I love to have the pool all to myself, sorry I do. Well here is a lady, th...

Unknown1673Jan 2009Jan 2009
New guy

New guyi am new here ladies so tell me what you think. thanks!...

Unknown1890Jan 2009
My Pics Votes Ratings

My Pics Votes/RatingsI just want to thank to all of members here who has rated my pictures. So very kind of you and i feel so honored. I wish i could send each and everyon...

Unknown1390Jan 2009
well let us see

well let us see...ok so I want to meet a man the man of my heart..Im on 2 on sites an Im suppost to "put" my self in places where I can meet men..single men...But what...

Unknown1412Jan 2009Jan 2009
My thoughts on LDRs

My thoughts on LDRsSince this is an international site – I’ve seen many threads in the forums asking the question “Would you consider developing a relationship with some...

Unknown1752Jan 2009Jan 2009
LDRs contd

LDRs contd.(this is contd from the other one --- too many words for just one blog post) Sure in a LDR – you can dream and fantasize thru emails, im’ing, on ca...

Unknown1442Jan 2009Jan 2009
Valentines Day

Valentines Day!Ok it is soon going to be Valentines Day, So if you are still single and worried about it…don’t be! I have a few points that will make you feel bett...

Mrhappyman2983Jan 2009Jan 2009
Grow up look forward and fight

Grow up, look forward, and fightSilent screams and shattered dreams, are what we left at seventeen. Still lost within the misery, and pain that lies inside. Here alone the fight...

Unknown1721Jan 2009Jan 2009

GOATEE'S SERVICE IN CHRIST EXPLAINEDGoatee1120: How can I serve God without God? How can I teach God without God? Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing. Receive the Holy Spirit bef...

Unknown3430Jan 2009

Weekend.I'm looking forward to seeing Reed. It'll be our seventh date tomorrow. We decided to watch the game and have snacks. The last time I was with som...

Unknown2570Jan 2009

GRATITUDELIVE WITH AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Imagine for a moment one of those nights when you just can't fall asleep and you have to get up early the next...

4MaryB7531Jan 2009Jan 2009
My thoughts Jan 31 2009 Do NOT click if you

My thoughts...(Jan 31, 2009)- Do NOT click if youWhy are we the way we are? Psalm 1:1-2 "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or...

Unknown1491Jan 2009Jan 2009
Who is a militant

Who is a militant?Time and again I have read or listened to "Palestinian militants" in the news media. Can somebody help me out here 1 who is a militant? 2 How does t...

Unknown1431Jan 2009Jan 2009

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