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FeelingsI met this amazing man. WE a great time together until I made him feel things he hadnt felt in a long time. Now wont even talk to me.How do I handle t...

Unknown2003Dec 2008Dec 2008

express...we have the right to express ourseleves... how dare people say what we can do or not to do.. last time i checked you werent me.. and know one should h...

Unknown2466Dec 2008Dec 2008
Whiskyfied snippets of useless knowledge

Whiskyfied snippets of useless knowledge .Goddess 1' A female divinity 2' a woman who is adored or idolized Coll' a swoon of goddesses (okay so i made this one up, but its appropriate )...

dillydally2421Dec 2008Dec 2008
random thought

random thoughtwe are who we are dont regret what you have done what you have done has made you the person you are today and if you dont like who you are only y...

Unknown1461Dec 2008Dec 2008
Tranformation one of my poems

Tranformation ( one of my poems)Alone, in the folding twilight Alone, standing before the bitter edge of blackness Alone, shifting tendrils from the abyss pierce the light Alone,...

Unknown1432Dec 2008Dec 2008
Ha ha Im feeling good today

Ha, ha, I'm feeling good todayHa, ha, I’m feeling good today so I’m fixing to say what to talk about today. The time is right and the time is here to tell you some stories througho...

Unknown1560Dec 2008
Hello there Im happy to see you

Hello there, I'm happy to see youHello there, I’m happy to see you stop by and see what I have to talk to you about. I’m trying to learn new things about the internet and the right wa...

Unknown1210Dec 2008
25th CENTURY 60

25th CENTURY (60)He didn’t saying almost anything if did not have the curiosity someone to ask and then all lessened with interest because it was understood that was t...

Unknown1600Dec 2008

JoJourneysHello world! I am excited about this endevor to get out there in the virtual sense of the word. I am hoping this will lead to finding and connecting w...

Unknown1400Dec 2008
12 Days of Yule A Pagan Holiday Part II

12 Days of Yule - A Pagan Holiday - Part IIThe Faeries moved closer to the three Ladies seated on the altar stone. The Mother held a bundle close in Her arms, smiling down at it. The Maiden rea...

DragonBlue4831Dec 2008Dec 2008
Dance with me

Dance with meDance me through this life Walk me through the memories That time stood still Truth came to be known A desire from within Want to be lost in...

bollywood3471Dec 2008Dec 2008
true love in the world

true love in the worldCan anybody tell me if there is true love in the world? or just dream? people around me tell that no true love between man and woman, so sad in this c...

Unknown1403Dec 2008Dec 2008
War on Women

War on WomenFrom 2000 to 2006, a total of seven years 2,697 American soldiers were killed by hostile forces. Americans cried a river of grieving...

DragonBlue4483Dec 2008Dec 2008
the balance

the balanceI cried again last night, I felt so alone my damaged spirit recalling memories past thoughts of my parents, long since dead of my little girl, who...

hedistuff4753Dec 2008Dec 2008
No Ones There

No One's ThereWho do you think you are? Descartes? GO to sleep... The terrifying prospect of having nothing to say. I like the way the ink bleeds out of my...

Unknown2215Dec 2008Dec 2008
Hopeful in this Christmas night

Hopeful in this Christmas nightI remember your hands holding mine in that frozen night As we sat on a lonely bench And how you kissed my cheek Your love touching my heart li...

bollywood3301Dec 2008Dec 2008
My Christmas Gifts

"My Christmas Gifts.."."I woke up this morning to have my children,well teenagers all over me as I lay in bed.They were all so happy,yelling "Merry Christmas Mom!!". Th...

Polarbutterfly2922Dec 2008Dec 2008

"Believe.."."When I'm lonely for you,I will look at the stars,there I will see you.When I see the swaying "Northen Lights",I will know you are saying hello to...

Polarbutterfly3031Dec 2008Dec 2008
She almost ate the whole thing

She almost ate the whole thing!A guy came in to my workplace and asks the chef to place a 3 ct. diamond ring inside an freshly shucked oyster so he can propose. The couple walks i...

Unknown2121Dec 2008Dec 2008
Twenty Important things men like in a women in the

Twenty Important things men like in a women in thehi, i would like to know twenty important things men like in women. what men would desire in a can be anything.height,leg length,sexy cur...

Unknown1981Dec 2008Dec 2008
12 Days of Yule A Pagan Holiday Part I

12 Days of Yule - A Pagan Holiday - Part IThe Yule Faeries - A Winter Solstice Story A group of little Faeries huddled in their home deep under the roots of a giant oak tree. They were safe...

DragonBlue5190Dec 2008
societal perversion

societal perversionHow many of us have ever heard of NIP? Well, if you have, be careful, you were never intended to. NIP is an acronym. It's short for New world Internet...

hedistuff1,0443Dec 2008Dec 2008
in her eyes

in her eyesHope But I don’t know if it’s enough As I swing in limbo From the lips of her cusp And it’s hope That keeps me going And it’s hope...

Unknown1552Dec 2008Dec 2008

Wordme... not an idea...of who i think i should be me... like i see for the trees...the disease can be scene in the breeze...when we breath when we...

Unknown1441Dec 2008Dec 2008

JimNastics arrives in Florida !Hello gang. I just wanted to let all those that wondered, I arrived safely in Florida. In the past, I drive straight through from NJ to Florida, o...

JimNastics1,7202Dec 2008Dec 2008

ChristmasWell its my first Chriatmas without my amazing husband.But I will get threw this to because that is what he would want me to do. Yes i will miss so mu...

Unknown1410Dec 2008

JIM REEVESToday, at school, I heard his music haunting my mind with fresh pain, Jim you soothe the mind with your deep singing A voice so beautiful, you...

Unknown4680Dec 2008
Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The moon is a ghostly galleon in the starlit sky, Clouds, soft as feathers pass it by, Waves below, gently lap the shores The tents nearby tell man...

Unknown2340Dec 2008

WALKING IN THE WAY OF JESUSAlmighty and ever loving God, in your tender love for the human race you sent your Son our Savior Jesus Christ to take upon him our nature, and to...

4MaryB2384Dec 2008Dec 2008
Brave Coward

Brave CowardContrary to popular belief and knowledge Love is not in opposition of hate verbiage. Lust is Hate's polar, as Love's opposite Is cold indifference,...

DragonBlue4490Dec 2008
A Fire Side Experience

A Fire Side ExperienceA Fire Side Experience .. .. ..December 19, 2008.. .. .. Anna & Ernesty ....Phoenix.., ..Az.... .. .. The belly dancers floated o...

DragonBlue4510Dec 2008

heywheres all the older women i cant believe this maybe someday...

Unknown1931Dec 2008Dec 2008
snowy days watching fight club and thinking of DD

snowy days watching fight club and thinking of D&Dtoday i woke up around 10, lied around in bed till 2 because i didnt have anything important to do... only to inevitably get up and look out the fron...

Unknown1570Dec 2008
So how many people take this seriously

So how many people take this seriously?!?!I have noticed a lot of older men have been messaging me. They make it obvious that they didn't read my profile other than looking at my pictures. The...

Unknown2719Dec 2008Dec 2008
What you want is what you get

What you want is what you getIf you got absolutely anything you wanted from this site, what would you ask for?...

Unknown1162Dec 2008Dec 2008
Unknown4874Nov 2008Dec 2008
tell me sweet girl what is important for you in t

tell me sweet girl, what is important for you in tMany situations, Many dreams in this life... one forever.... or...only fun? tell me about your dreams...about all what you want f...

Unknown1291Dec 2008Dec 2008

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAGICWhat happened to all the magic.Where have all the men gone that kewn how to treat ladies.Is it all about sex to see how many wemen you can get into be...

Unknown1996Dec 2008Dec 2008
25th CENTURY 59

25th CENTURY (59)He had to bring meat and so had to teach them his absence. In the morning woke up early, went and cut a branch from the olive tree and attachment to t...

Unknown1590Dec 2008
A Little boy cried

A Little boy criedA pair of tiny eyes shed tears there was no one to share his fears "Am I to blame, cos Mom had cancer?" he asked aloud, no one was near his child...

Unknown2070Dec 2008

WHATS THIS!For some odd reason some of the women on here thinks I am running away from something.I DON'T RUN AWAY,but I DON'T STAY when I feel that the WOMEN ar...

Unknown1401Dec 2008Dec 2008
Unknown1950Dec 2008
LuvRoma: "Visions of Mother"(meet us in the poems)

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