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Its important

Its important...1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks, cleans and has a good job. 2. It's important to have a woman who can make you laugh....

4MaryB7145Nov 2008Apr 2009

HOPEIf everything comes down to love Then just what am I afraid of When I call out Your name Something inside awakes in my soul How quickly I forget.....

4MaryB6792Nov 2008Apr 2009
No snowflake ever falls in the wrong spot

`No snowflake ever falls in the wrong spot'.Most of us would agree with this statement when thing are good ...when we meet the right person, land the right job, or get a great seat at the show b...

4MaryB2,0974Jan 2008Apr 2009
3 things

3 things...There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. Happiness is lo...

4MaryB1,7721Jan 2008Apr 2009
Relationships through the internet

Relationships through the internetThe most important thing in any relationship is honesty. Its a big problem with internet and long distance relationships. Trust, can you trust them 10...

4MaryB5312Apr 2009Apr 2009
women women women

women women womenany other guys get the same reaction,you mail women after a contact and then no most women like messing us guys about,do ye take pleasure from...

irish494685Mar 2009Apr 2009
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Men are from Mars & Women are from VenusWhy do men when ending a relationship are not able to say goodbye??? It is so rude.... To say stop doesn't cost anything... Are they all looking for...

freedoom4258Mar 2009Apr 2009
Far from home

Far from homeA thought for the people are still involved in the war they will be back home. I wish this Christmas bring to all of you peace and a lot of love....

freedoom2281Dec 2008Apr 2009
Men Whats with the Confidence Factor

Men - What's with the Confidence FactorWhy do men 'say' they want a confident woman, yet I 'hear' from confident women here, myself included, that men are only browsing. What do men mean b...

Unknown4624Apr 2009Apr 2009
Just one

Just one..One song can spark a moment, One flower can wake the dream. One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship...

Unknown2053Apr 2009Apr 2009
Music Lovers Check Dis Out

Music Lovers Check Dis OutDj XPosure aka Mr Flava : Holla If You want the links to me Free Downloads Mixtape CD / MP3...

Unknown1440Apr 2009
Love story

Love storyThis is my Frst blog..on this site.. " A sparrow was in love with white rose. one fine day the sparrow proposed tha white rose. the white rose...

Unknown1590Apr 2009
The True secret how to love someone

The True secret how to love someone....The true secret to learn how to love someone is to walk side by side with no walls around. Let down your shield and let that person become a part o...

Unknown6355Apr 2009Apr 2009
i want to

i want to...........i want to sing you a song but i don't know how to sing i can't make a tone i can't get into rythm though i'm not a singer yet i want to sing yo...

Unknown1490Apr 2009
Fate has dealt its hand

Fate has dealt its handFate, oh dear fate i have come to express my desperation for you to change the cards given to me. To plead and plead with no response shatters me comp...

Unknown2782Apr 2009Apr 2009

careEvery one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process,care for ourselves....

Unknown2430Apr 2009

OurLook at me now,I'm here for you forever and always Never will I leave your side Strong. I will be to the end of journey,Can you feel the joy I have fo...

Unknown4410Apr 2009

Good job my terrorThe streets turn red and life turning grey and dreams shattered in the streets of Mumbai .The sadness lies everywhere .The whole air is filled with Sa...

bollywood5552Nov 2008Apr 2009

Raining outsideIt's raining and cold again. I can't wait for spring to truly arrive!...

NatureLover812942Apr 2009Apr 2009
More about me

More about me....Music on my IPod.... Brittany Spears(newer stuff), Cascada, Christina Aguilera, Chris Daughtry, The Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane, Eminem, Enya, Evanesc...

Unknown5231Apr 2009Apr 2009
Sweet success

Sweet successSweet Success Charles Ghigna The secret of success is clear, It's simple and it's true; It's not in doing what you like, But liking what you do...

Unknown2051Apr 2009Apr 2009

boohey i never done this befor so if its bad sorry. well im in my spaer rooom cold. well what do you think of David Anderst it he sexy or what....

Unknown4230Apr 2009
The power of flowers

The power of flowersHow do you pick the right blooms for your blossom or your bloke? Rose * Romantic individuals, full of passion and drama in love and life. Strong...

Unknown3282Apr 2009Apr 2009
Man and women connection communication in love

Man and women connection,communication in loveWhen you are aware of your innate impulses as a man or woman, you can choose how to act - and improve your connection and communication. When you are...

Unknown6392Apr 2009Apr 2009
The Thunderbolt

The "Thunderbolt"Something both very exciting and terrifying has happened to me over the past weekend. I got hit by the "Thunderbolt". No, I didn't get struck by lig...

Unknown3415Apr 2009Apr 2009
My Heros Were My Parents

My Heros Were My ParentsMe being the youngest of my family,I'd always been their baby but as I grew up they learned to give me some space to grow.They helped me learn to do t...

somechick2942Apr 2009Apr 2009
My First Blog

My First BlogWhen spring comes in Alaska we all get excited because we can finally go out and play. I know it sounds like something a kid would say but it's true....

Dan03403210Apr 2009

MistyShe is just a 3 year old, how can she be so bad that thunder cloads and shattered glass is all she has. If thunder is but her daddy's touch and st...

Unknown3881Apr 2009Apr 2009
Kisses and chocolates mmmm

Kisses and chocolates mmmm...A passionate kiss is sure to make the heart melt But it is no comparison to the sensation of chocolate melting on the tongue, a study has discove...

4MaryB3200Apr 2009
Is there life outside of the pub

Is there life outside of the pub?I've been on a few of these single sites and yet whenever within europe anyway I send message, I never hear reply. I've started a new life recently an...

Unknown1400Apr 2009
see failure as temporary

see failure as temporaryPeople who personalize failure see a problem as a hole they're permanently stuck in, wheras achievers see any predicament as temporary. One mindset wa...

Unknown2103Apr 2009Apr 2009
Just be my friend

Just be my friendBecoming friends is very inportained to,faith,love is a start...I'm not talking about inlove kinda thing...... Friend-ship love....being i...

Unknown2196Mar 2009Apr 2009
A perfect mother

A perfect mother...Since the moment I entered this world, You have cared for me like no other. There is only one word to describe you, That is in every way a perfect...

Unknown1752Apr 2009Apr 2009

Did you hear that ?When I held you tight With my eyes locked in yours when you listend my heart When your tears socked my chest The river imprisoned in my heart Br...

bollywood5222Dec 2008Apr 2009
Goodbye and Goodluck All You Singles Website Folks

Goodbye and Goodluck All You Singles Website FolksWell, it seems that this little phase of the grand experiment called life is now coming to an end. I realize now, that my expectations were set way t...

meyerdel5394Apr 2009Apr 2009
A little girl cries

A little girl cries...A little girl cries as she sits alone on the edge of her bed, So perfectly made in her room so neat and tidy, The one thing that has changed in this...

Unknown5486Apr 2009Apr 2009
Payed Friendships and Love

Payed Friendships and LoveIt is amazing how over the years when I believed I was helping my friends and a certain love one financially I was really paying for their friendship...

Unknown3403Apr 2009Apr 2009
If I hold it for a day

If I hold it for a day...A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called...

4MaryB3006Apr 2009Apr 2009
The Levels of Online Dating Part I

The Levels of Online Dating Part IMuch like the classical poet, Dante, I've gained some experience in online dating, have travelled its depths, and am ready to chronicle my experiences...

Unknown2242Apr 2009Apr 2009
Thinking about You

Thinking about You..When I ate today at noon All I could think about was you Wishing you was here to do what you do Wishing I could feed you with my spoon Hoping some...

Unknown1821Apr 2009Apr 2009

writeme im a fun young man looking for a fun ladie of almost any age so you can write me if thats you :)...

Unknown2620Apr 2009
how do i get my sons dad out of our lives

how do i get my sons dad out of our liveshow can i get on with my life. i just what him to leave me and my son alone...

Unknown4227Apr 2009Apr 2009
EyeLook4U: "10 reasons to be on a dating site"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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