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When Two Are One

When Two Are OneExplosions in my head, that just won't quit. A train has crashed into the wall around my heart, and left the old me dead. Stop my breathing in...

Unknown1581Jan 2009Jan 2009
How to Have the Happiest New Year

How to Have the Happiest New YearThe New Year is an amazing opportunity for us to look ahead and resolve to live each day like it is our first. When we focus on serving Jesus each day...

4MaryB2971Dec 2008Jan 2009
what do ya think

what do ya think?sparks of light This mystic world that we grow in, shoots memories and pain through me For i can not be seen here, Hiding my face with brambles...

Unknown4132Nov 2008Jan 2009
The Circle Jerk Jinx a short story series Part 1

The Circle Jerk Jinx (a short story series) Part 1Circle Jerker Berserker # 1: He started an online gangbang of trolls, patting himself on the back with satisfaction as he managed to sic a gang of...

Unknown2600Jan 2009
The world is full of shit

The world is full of shitTh world is full of shit so obviously we do smell like shit because we lie in it. You find people who even talk shit and others will swallow it so wha...

DonJuann19694534Dec 2008Jan 2009
Be human

Be human......Forgive…… love…….express yourself……relax….help an old man…..kiss a child…..accept a compliment…..listen to your friends…….be understanding with...

ioana_ally3663Dec 2008Jan 2009
The New War Same as the Old War

The New War, Same as the Old WarA great transition is occurring in America. A new movement of people are coming into power to reshape our world. Unfortunately, this movement is bas...

Unknown1451Jan 2009Jan 2009
A special thank you

A special thank you!We're about to end another year and soon begin a new one. We hope God will use you in many powerful ways during this next year. Today, we want to give...

4MaryB2411Dec 2008Jan 2009
Read this today

Read this today"The way to love someone is to lightly run your finger over that persons soul until you find a crack, and then gently pour your love into that crack"...

Unknown2044Dec 2008Jan 2009

AloneEdger Allen Poe From childhood's hour I have not been As others were; I have not seen As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common...

nobody544022Dec 2008Jan 2009
Magic Wishes For 2009 grey magic

Magic Wishes For 2009 (grey magic)May my friends do well and continue to thrive May my extended family stay safe and alive May all those who've vexed me be hexed by this spell Heav...

Unknown1670Jan 2009
Love is like the jewel that cant be stolen

Love is like the jewel that can't be stolenI hid that trembling light, in my young hands. I've traveled this far, wandering the abyss of time. I continued to search for you, though I kn...

Unknown1582Dec 2008Jan 2009

NEW YEAR WISHES..NEW YEAR WISHES... Iwish you Health.... So you may enjoy each day in comfort I wish you the Love of freindsand famil...

claudya8510Jan 2009
Id love to read your definitions of love

I’d “love” to read your definitions of loveOk so I found out that love was my primary requirement in a relationship. But just what is love anyway? It is a slippery little sucker really. I looke...

4MaryB2983Dec 2008Jan 2009
Looking for that girl

Looking for that girlLooking for my one love, anyone can help message me and lets take this somewhere and live on our life<3...

Unknown1751Dec 2008Jan 2009
Happy New Year

Happy New Year!Happy New Year! 2009 is a new year and i cannot WAIT to start over new!...

Unknown1610Jan 2009
For any other name player

For any other name, "player"!So now and then, I come across someone describing an individual by their actions, their words, and their looks as "player". "Avoid them at all costs"....

Unknown2925Dec 2008Jan 2009
For the Less Loquacious

For the Less LoquaciousI don't lack knowledge in the art of words, I'm simply verbally challenged. If it seems I'm sometimes wordy here, know that, face to face and in th...

Unknown1742Dec 2008Jan 2009
Snares on the road of love

Snares on the road of loveIn my humble opinion: The more we know about love in a sentific way, the more we distort love. Love varys from people, some people just accidently fa...

Unknown1431Dec 2008Jan 2009

SAY IT LOUD....As rockets fly in the Middle East, India and Pakistan growl at each other, and American and European troops are where they shold have never been........

gozoman24901Dec 2008Dec 2008

HmmMy thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's surprising how often they head in your direction. ~Author Unknown...

nobody544891Dec 2008Dec 2008
the doctor said

the doctor said ....about three weeks ago I stared feelin really blue crying,shaky,nervous, I generally dont get the blues & thought perhaps I was pre menopausal or it h...

kizzy2762816Dec 2008Dec 2008
My Feelings

My FeelingsI lost my husband 5 months ago. We were married for 31 years.For the last 10 years i devoted myself to him he was very sick and i did nothing but take...

Unknown2594Dec 2008Dec 2008

NEW YEAR THOUGHTS* Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. * Memorize your favorite poem. * Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep a...

4MaryB2650Dec 2008
Dearest You

Dearest You..........A year ends today, and another begins tomorrow. I have been through too much, yet, life has moved on, You made a difference... You made me smile....

Unknown2541Dec 2008Dec 2008
everything changes

everything changes....miss a few weeks blogging and when you come back the whole site looks different!~ I kind of wiped myself out doing too much and then I moved - not...

Unknown3675Dec 2008Dec 2008
Mans basic problem

! Man's basic problem!! Look at the acts of man. Three thousand to five thousand years of the men have fought the war. The whole story is the story of his killing, burning...

Unknown1023Dec 2008Dec 2008

NEW HOPES FOR 2009The THIRTY FIRST, Yes it has come!!! It has brought much and less for some A war wages here, ravaging lives, despair settles hearts, lives, hom...

Unknown2581Dec 2008Dec 2008
Dear All

Dear AllAs we are nearing the end of 2008 I thought I would wish you a pleasant and successful final phase with great lovely dreams for 2009. My thanks to a...

4MaryB2621Dec 2008Dec 2008

HiDo you ever feel like you have a drive to do something, motivation, ambition, but you just can't think of anything to do?...

Unknown1461Dec 2008Dec 2008
God is love The great lover

"God is love" The great lover"Cidho love with words. It is possible that you understand what love was that love was not. You are sitting with her burns. And also I know that burnin...

Unknown1400Dec 2008

HEY.............Dear and loving Intelligent and strong Loving, gentle and so amiable I am glad we are still friends E...

Unknown2680Dec 2008

my sophiemy friend mouse wrote me today said that she was sorry for being away so long she said that she hated herself she told me that she had just gotte...

hedistuff4392Dec 2008Dec 2008

~~~Confused~~~I'm on other sites,but this one is a tough one.I found this the other night,so I figured I would try it out.Not so sure I will be on it for very long....

Unknown2524Dec 2008Dec 2008

CommitmentWhy is it that you meet someone, they come into your life and then its Im sorry I cant be in a relationship with you. Its not you its me,.Its i need...

Unknown2084Dec 2008Dec 2008
looking for a good hearted woman

looking for a good hearted woman.please if you are out there email me. i am looking for a good hearted woman who will treat me right and the way i am supposed to be treated. so far i...

Unknown1800Dec 2008
Deeper Love

Deeper Love...Dearest love My heart's own You have called me forth Day after day First to soar with you higher than Icarus In bliss beyond belief, then Fa...

4MaryB2751Dec 2008Dec 2008
Waiting for the Kettle

Waiting for the KettleWaiting for the Kettle (for angelique84) Snow falling outside, he daydreamed out the six frosted panes of window, waiting for the kettle's whi...

Unknown4611Dec 2008Dec 2008
my little friend

my little friendIn his cage my little friend sits stirrin chirpin my friend sits feathers all white with a hint of patcy blue long tail and beak so blue on his...

wayne344660Dec 2008
you like this

you, like thisStalking like Stalin Red-eyed watchin they stallin fallin burnt like Sodom that's why we're slidin at the bottom of the slalom line 'em up like...

Unknown1790Dec 2008

"D...."."You mean a great deal to me. I'm thankful,for you have been there for me since day one.Words cannot express what you have come to mean to me.With...

Polarbutterfly3410Dec 2008Dec 2008

BreatheBreathe in and inhale the air, Breathe out and relish the flair, Breathe in and look around, Breathe out and discover sound, Breathe in and take a...

4MaryB3031Dec 2008Dec 2008
Cutiepye: "Actually want attention"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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