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WaitingDawn is full of muted colours this morning although the bouganvillia blaze happily pink and white against the green. Ah, that's it. All the green...

Unknown8001May 2008May 2008
Well that was frustrating

Well, that was frustrating,But the lady in the pink skirt was much worse off than I. Nothing happened. Well, not quite nothing. I sat and chattered away with the lady from...

Unknown7001May 2008May 2008
Getting to the point part two

Getting to the point - part twoThere are things that can be done. Steps to take, but this has swelled from my little world to a universe of where to go, how to pay, who to turn to....

Unknown6513May 2008May 2008
The other side of Me

The other side of MeMost days I do well with the balance thing. The acceptance thing. The open up my heart and breath thing. Other days i don't. I sit on my cushion...

Unknown8315May 2008May 2008
Lunch at the hospital

Lunch at the hospitalAfter my appointment yesterday I stopped in at the hospital canteen and treated myself to a roti for lunch. Curried chicken and potato bundled in a s...

Unknown6215May 2008May 2008
Where are the American women in this country

Where are the American women in this country?Dear blog, today I joined another singles website to locate American women in Germany. Then I got the idea to do a blog entry in order to publicize m...

lunalenape8673May 2008May 2008
Just Good Common Sense

Just Good Common SenseWell, it’s finally happened. The reality of this gas shortage is starting to cut into the luxury of everyday auto travel and as the reality of our fo...

injuneer1,3540May 2008
Quick Update

Quick UpdateIf I had decided to write a fictional book about an older woman who developed tumours in her brain with a side order in her lung, I would have gotten...

Unknown8152May 2008May 2008
My desires poetry

My desires - poetryPoetry A. E. Housman, century edition. by honestinlov4u at 5/10/2008 8:20:46 PM Last Poems Could man be drunk forever With liquor, love, or...

Unknown6480May 2008
far yet close

far yet closeI know you are far Yet very close to my heart I don’t see your face But see its glow I don’t see your eyes Yet i see the love in it I...

bollywood8210May 2008
Pay For Sex

Pay For Sex?Message me only if you have a pic. Guys & girls both welcome. xox...

Unknown6240May 2008
My dog

My dogLife sucks. I just saw an article an CNN about homeless professionals sleeping in their car in California. They opened up 11 parking lots from 7pm to...

Unknown7211May 2008May 2008
A friend sent me this message

~ A friend sent me this message ~You have to find someone who will grow with you, change with you, laugh with you and cry with you. A person who fills in where you lack. A person who...

4MaryB6370May 2008
Connection between man beer and sex

Connection between man,beer and sex.I enjoy few beers on a real hot day and a glass of wine with dinner. Sometimes when i drink with my mates i tend to go overboard. However, what amazed...

Unknown5830May 2008
gm lets go back too work

gm! lets go back too workits been too long too be on strike over stupid senority isues who cares as long as were making the big fat paycheck i know that if they got rid of all...

Unknown5750May 2008
I wanted to fall in love

I wanted to fall in loveI wanted to fall in love To know would ever find true love And find someone who cared? Wanted to takes a lifetime To know the love As spe...

bollywood8090May 2008
falling petal

falling petala wuthering flower blows in the wind shedding it petals of life gone by never knowing why it was here yet carried on blooming without fear from se...

pauloc16330May 2008
My dog

My dogYeserday I found out my dog needed leg surgery. I do not have the three thousand dollars to do it. So, do I let her be crippled? My life has revolv...

Unknown5311May 2008May 2008
I am an international man of mystery

I am an international man of mystery.Few people in the world can claim the title of being 'international man/woman of mystery".Of course you awarded it yourself if you have kept a low pro...

Unknown5881May 2008May 2008

Why BEER IS PACKED IN DARK COLOURED BOTTLE...Why Beer is always packed / bottled in Dark Coloured Bottles through out the World.. is there any Scientific reason for this ??????...

Unknown1,1354May 2008May 2008
Unknown4883May 2008May 2008
Pod People

Pod PeopleWhen you feel like a frog at the edge of your dumpster, wait. flies will come....

Unknown6861May 2008May 2008

coolnessim so cool, wish i could meet a girl like me...

Unknown6630May 2008
the hardest years in a guys life

the hardest years in a guys lifeyou know what people, i think that life was much more simpler when i was in my teens. I mean i nver had to think like an adult by worrying about petro...

Unknown4572May 2008May 2008
The colour red

The colour redFew of us folks really know the true meanings of most things.But then again its part of human nature. I saw the other day two couples saying good by t...

Unknown4670May 2008
what to do

what to doi think i’m giving up on women for a while i've decided to give up on looking for a relationship for awhile i just don't really care if i find o...

Unknown4640May 2008
Rain In Summer

Rain In SummerIts Raining in this blazing summer Bringing the fresh smell of the earth Like you come to my life Bringing the freshness to my barren thoughts...

bollywood7010May 2008
when you cant take it

when you can't take itJust like the shore lifts the Waves Like a willowing tree takes the wind Like a mountain wither the storm Like the river takes the rain When you c...

bollywood7251May 2008May 2008

PEACEThe suchness of LIFE Suchness of this moment One with life "Tatata":B Life is a dancer You are the dance "Forgive them for they know...

Unknown3580May 2008
Mean Grandpa Story

Mean Grandpa StoryI was skipping stones in the Clackamas River and grandpa told me this story. Once there was a stone. She lived just about where you are standing...

Unknown5795May 2008May 2008
Dont forget to take your pills

Don't forget to take your pills...The most entertaining part of watching television in 2008 isn’t the cookie-cutter cop shows with their interchangeable casts and image obsessed stars....

Unknown4270May 2008
kuwait single

kuwait singleIf you are girl from any nationality residing in kuwait interested in meeting young man for frienship,marriage,love,romance or any other relation send...

Unknown5150May 2008
children of the world

children of the worldchildren of the world Why is there so much pain People in power have it all to gain So much poverty so much pain Why is the world gone in sane...

Unknown5460May 2008
can i

can iCan I hold you ? will you push me away? Can I love you? and you’ll always stay? Can I touch your body? and reach within? Can I mimic your hea...

Unknown4760May 2008
Can he change

Can he change?From the depths of her hell, Comes her broken cries Broken promises, Broken lies. Shattered pictures, Drawings on the wall, Why do...

Unknown4590May 2008
reason why I cry

reason why I cry?Did I ever tell you! The reason why I cry? Why the sun always misses me, And the rain falls from my eyes. My body is broken now, My m...

Unknown4550May 2008

whisperIf I were to whisper what would you hear---I 'd hear the faint sound of your breath as you came near--And if you were to touch me what would I feel-...

Unknown4380May 2008
Iam just a note from a broken violin

Iam just a note from a broken violinIam just a note from a broken violin With just one string With one tune One note.. I’m just a note from a broken violin Wish to be the song O...

bollywood7360May 2008
This Could Be the Start of Something Big lyrics

"This Could Be the Start of Something Big" lyricsBack To Blog Entries | Edit Entry | Delete Entry The Start of Something Big by Steve Allen by eezee2talk2 at 5/16/2008 10:09:30 PM You're wa...

wildgoose067480May 2008
a lil discretion plz

a lil discretion plz?This Really burned me Where i work there are 3 of us who handle all the paperwork for our location. 2 of us split the weekend and nights. The ot...

Unknown2113May 2008May 2008
My Rescue Dog from HUrricane Katrina

My Rescue Dog from HUrricane KatrinaI found out yesterday that a 9 year old foster dog in my care tore a cruciate ligament and will cause her to be crippled. The surgery to fix it is 26...

Unknown5850May 2008

HOW MASTERFUL I FEEL, CREATING MY OWN BLOBI can write what I like at the time of the feeling. It must give one a certain sense of freedom, or maybe longer to regret?...

AngelStar8671May 2008May 2008
raytheon1: "'Thankful n Thoughtful'"(meet us in the puzzles)

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