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more poems

more poemswritten on 10/27/92 "If I could make one wish" If I could make one wish, And know it would come true I'd wish that I could bring you back So...

just4fun077040Mar 2008
Shades of Joni Mitchell

Shades of Joni MitchellYou don't know what you've got till it's gone! Words from a song dancing through my head. One of the things taking at least a temporary vacation f...

Unknown6981Mar 2008Mar 2008
Hiya everyone and anyone

Hiya everyone,and anyoneHi,i'm Bazz,just moved to Qld,love it,no more harsh winter's in the skifields,lol,if u see me wearing a singlet in the middle of your winter,Don't pan...

Unknown6480Mar 2008
lonely heart

lonely heartNo one knows whats in my heart, or seems to care to find out. only the ones that i've lost, truly knows what I'm all about. I struggle to find t...

just4fun077784Mar 2008Mar 2008
All I wanted

All I wantedAll I wanted All I wanted was Love! Kisses And Hugs! To my great Misfortune! All You wanted were Drugs! Now my Hearts Broken! I was Just som...

Unknown5900Mar 2008
Whistling In The Wind

Whistling In The WindWhistling In The Wind Am I just Whistling? In the Wind? Should I let my heart Go? Or should I let It Bend! Dont want It Broken! Thats too mu...

Unknown5400Mar 2008
Something I Feel

Something I FeelSomething I Feel Its The Rock! Its The Roll!! Something I Feel!! Deep In My Soul!! Its The Feeling!! Of The Blues! That Lets You Know! You...

Unknown5390Mar 2008
My Hope

My HopeMy Hope How can i explain A feeling I've never felt whenever I look In your eyes I feel my Heart Melt You bring me happiness I thought I'd n...

Unknown6130Mar 2008

MY EMPTINESSMY EMPTINESS This Emptiness I feel Inside! Is Such A Deep Ache Of Love! Its not there with you by my side! I know that our souls fit like a Glo...

Unknown6120Mar 2008
Crazy Feelings

Crazy FeelingsCrazy Feelings Is It Really Crazy ? This Thing That We Feel ! I Don't Think So !! Because I Know It Is Real ! I think Of Your Eyes ! And You...

Unknown6060Mar 2008
Foolish Men

Foolish MenFoolish Men Sometimes a Man! Can be such A Fool! And sometimes your Mind! Is such an awful Tool! Think too Much! Of things it Wants! Your H...

Unknown5960Mar 2008

FeelingsFeelings Sometimes I Wish ! I never Had ! They can be so Hard ! And sometimes Make you Sad ! I wish I could Hide from Them ! But that would...

Unknown6430Mar 2008

LOVELOVE A thing of lost and found! Something that has been ripped away! Will I be blessed once again? Before I am put Into the ground? Will the...

Unknown5140Mar 2008
Dyou know what I hate

D'you know what I hate?<p>When a person says he's nothing against homosexuality and then he insults people by calling them a poove. And when a man claims to believe that wom...

Unknown4742Mar 2008Mar 2008
Learn Something Every day

Learn Something Every dayI highly recommend that you have someone drive you if you are going for a brain scan. The scan itself is non-invasive - a bit noisy but interesting...

Unknown6092Mar 2008Mar 2008
Poetry I wrote after I left my ex

Poetry I wrote after I left my exThe last layer has fallen Current mood: creative Finally the last layer has fallen. To look in the mirror and to know the person looking back...

Unknown5880Mar 2008
some poetry I wrote befor i left my ex

some poetry I wrote befor i left my exShedding shedding Current mood: artistic my life and myself has been but a skin that i could never shed. To look in the mirror and wonde...

Unknown5290Mar 2008
do you ever wonder

do you ever wonder?...why you are not able to forgive and forget the past. ...why your life is driven by society's expectations. some people are money focussed....

Unknown5620Mar 2008
Seeking Balance

Seeking BalanceI am thinking pancakes would be nice this morning, golden syrup dripping down the edges, the rich buttery flavour so much rounder and more fulfilling...

Unknown4260Mar 2008
When Dreams become a nightmare

When Dreams become a nightmare,Its time to wake up. I have been working on two dreams for the last 2 years. One was planned, the other caught me by surprise. Unfortunately the tw...

Unknown2723Mar 2008Mar 2008

GenesisGenesis Chapter 1 1 ¶ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. JEREMIAH 4 23 I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without...

nobody546161Mar 2008Mar 2008
always a rebellady

always a rebelladyI am a lover of peace and carressing Think hugging and holding a blessing I will walk with you down any street And laugh and joke and your friends...

Unknown3910Mar 2008

heyhey girls im new to this site ive been lookin for a girlfriend for a while but no luck yet. i was jus introducing myself. my username is Benpanthersgt...

Unknown4472Mar 2008Mar 2008
southren woman looking for romantic man


Unknown8493Sep 2007Mar 2008
Looking at the Bones

Looking at the BonesI have seen my brain, my heart, my lungs and today I get to see the rest of me. Either that or I will be so magnetized I will spontaneously something...

Unknown5883Mar 2008Mar 2008
Love when i happend

(Love) when i happend ..In life LOVE is never planned or does it happen for a reason. But when LOVE is real, It becomes ur PLAN for life and ur reason for living .....

Unknown4100Mar 2008
Your Quality of Life

Your Quality of LifeI guess after the last woman that could generate any real feelings for just stopped calling, writing, or even acknowledging me on the net, the reality...

injuneer1,7101Mar 2008Mar 2008

LADDIES AND GENTS.... WHAT ATTRACKS U TO A PERSON?HAY there im mj and i am very curiouse.......... what makes u attrackted to a person. supper model looks , skinny body , buff body , inteligence ,...

Unknown6121Mar 2008Mar 2008
its hot here

its hot here ???Summer is here in egypt now read sea hurghada...

Unknown4240Mar 2008
I Wish Hed Stop

I Wish He'd Stop!Im So Depressed At The Moment. I Guess no one wants to hear about it, but im going to talk about it anyway because i dunno how much i can take at...

Unknown9243Mar 2008Mar 2008
My greatest teacher is all around me

My greatest teacher is all around meAt the beginning of this new year I have began to notice something about myself. I noticed that I was unhappy and that slowly I was devouring myself....

Unknown3980Mar 2008
Cogito ergo sum

Cogito ergo sum.Renee Descartes is sitting in a bar, he's had a few beers. The bartender comes over and asks, "Would you like another?" Descartes replies, "I think...

Unknown4130Mar 2008
Letter to the Boss

Letter to the Boss...Dear Boss: Congratulations on having chosen the Colorado Rocky Mountains as your vacation spot this year! As you may know, even though I live in K...

The_Kansan8322Mar 2008Mar 2008
Mabey If I Post Alot

Mabey If I Post Alotyou'll hear me- I wish everyone read the bolgs- its where those of us that have something to say reside. Too often people read the profile and get los...

Unknown6042Mar 2008Mar 2008
the soul of this website

the soul of this websiteWhen I first joined this website a few months ago, it was because of a lot of difficulties related to trying to start a new life with a new lady. In...

Unknown2303Mar 2008Mar 2008
An Amazing Story

An Amazing StoryHe met her at a party. she was so beautiful, many guys were chasing after her, while he was so plain and simple, nobody paid attention to him...

4MaryB6741Mar 2008Mar 2008
Okay Now I Get It

Okay, Now I Get It!!!I am amazed at how we come into these situations with this set of expectations, and before long we find ourselves getting something completely differe...

Unknown4430Mar 2008

~ LOVE GROWS ONE BY ONE ~Love grows one by one Two by two and four by four Love grows ’round like a circle and comes back knocking at your front door Note by note w...

4MaryB7350Mar 2008
thursday is pot night

thursday is pot nightAnd there is a simple joy and satisfaction in gettng really caked in clay despite a capacious apron! Of course potting with one functional hand cre...

Unknown7613Mar 2008Mar 2008
The Perfect Girl

~ The Perfect Girl ~A friend asked a gentleman how it is that he never married ? Replied the gentleman, “Well, I guess I just never met the right woman … I guess I’ve...

4MaryB8212Mar 2008Mar 2008
Love At last

Love At last !!!!My cup runneth over ! Thank you Connecting Singles.......I have found the love of my life. This really does work folks...I am amazed and thankful...

Unknown5823Mar 2008Mar 2008
Lead Me Lord

Lead Me LordI’ve known what it’s like to be away from You, and it’s a lonely, painful existence. I don’t ever want to be in the dark again. Please don’t allow me...

4MaryB7901Mar 2008Mar 2008
Oceanzest: "Floral assassin"(meet us in the poems)

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