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someone special to me

someone special to me...I met someone on here the very first day I was on this site which was about 7weeks ago,he was the first person that I saw and emailed and I just knew...

Unknown4544Nov 2008Nov 2008
Sole Mate or Twin Flames

Sole Mate or Twin FlamesOver the last couple of years this has been a term that I have run across quite a bit mainly in someone's ads on an online site. I went to Wikedpedia...

Dawn7z8015Nov 2008Nov 2008

DAYS TURN BLUE TO GREY...Where are you baby? If you find me... I'll hold you under my wings, close to my pumping heart so you can feel me breathe......

Unknown1130Nov 2008
baby boy

baby boyI have to admit that most of my day is spent being silly and making jokes. Um a firm believer in the fact that laughter keeps you young and makes life...

Unknown5163Nov 2008Nov 2008
Deep in love in a night

Deep in love in a nightDeep in love cheek leaning on cheek we talked of whatever came to our minds just as it came slowly oh slowly with our arms twined tightly aroun...

bollywood7912Nov 2008Nov 2008
Pets or no pets

Pets or no pets !I like to play with pets but I would be a poor caretaker so have no pets. Some pets make me uncomfortable like this person has a boxer and that slobbe...

Techster7046Nov 2008Nov 2008
Eating grapes

Eating grapes...Eating grapes may help lower blood pressure, says a study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences. Rats fed a salt-heavy diet wer...

4MaryB5782Nov 2008Nov 2008

Stinkit is unbelievable how some people are. Had a service call in a home office in a richie rich area, a moderate sized house. The place is sooo stinky I...

Techster6861Nov 2008Nov 2008
25th CENTURY 55

25th CENTURY (55)Every night discussed, Alexander made questions and Konstantin answered. Every night Alexander understood the mistakes made by mankind and had come to...

Unknown4170Nov 2008
Spammers Using Pictures of Our Boys in Uniform

Spammers Using Pictures of Our Boys in UniformI have received a couple of emails from spammers using pics of our boys in uniform. The reason I am bringing it up is that this is a new one to me. I...

Dawn7z6632Nov 2008Nov 2008
live on Ohio PA border

live on Ohio/PA borderI live in eastern Ohio and would like to meet new people on the border of ohio or PA....

Unknown4200Nov 2008
ur ringtone is permanent

ur ringtone is permanenti cant stop calling ur phone ringtone is in my memory ,the first time we met i cannot deny that i promise myself to love u till eternity...

Unknown1230Nov 2008
25th CENTURY 54

25th CENTURY (54)In Mary’s childbirth they did not want to go. Some of them cause discretion, but mostly cause of fear. -?ell me, where you want to put your chair to...

Unknown2850Nov 2008
I love me

I love meI love my eyes when you look into them; I love my song when it is for you I love my name when you say it; I love my heart when you love it; I love...

bollywood7192Nov 2008Nov 2008
The Soldier

The SoldierIT IS THE SOLDIER It is the Soldier, not the minister Who has given us freedom of religion. It is the Soldier, not the reporter Who has given...

Unknown4981Nov 2008Nov 2008

words..............................................................if you now this words to fill in I am looking you on this world...

spoekie4930Nov 2008
The things she does

The things she doesDoes she call to say good morning, Does she call to say good night ? Does she admit when she is wrong, for the times that I am right ? Does she show m...

Unknown4272Nov 2008Nov 2008
what makes man miserable

what makes man miserable?I seriously don't know..Is it the necessity to feel miserable or the social causes that lead to it?? ..Is it inherent or ecternal??...

Unknown4731Nov 2008Nov 2008

GOATREE'S MARRIAGE DEVOTION1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind, and it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.5 It is not rude, it is not self seeking, i...

Unknown6031Nov 2008Nov 2008

GOATEE'S WHAT GOD MEANT FOR SALVATIONJohn 3:19 This is the Verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds where evil. 20 Everyone who...

Unknown6760Nov 2008
The Art of the Kiss

The Art of the KissDid you know that there are at least 1001 ways to kiss? How many have we tried? Kissing conveys a special kind of . A kiss can be caring, , loving, ex...

Unknown4091Nov 2008Nov 2008
oh god

oh godare there any non racist ..non stereo type women over 35 here?...

Unknown5678Sep 2008Nov 2008

After you watched the previous onethis one takes the parody to a whole different level. (it wouldn't allow me to post a second video. So...

JimNastics2,1950Nov 2008
Holiday for a single and child

Holiday for a single and childI wanted to bring my 6 year old to Spain for a holiday. As there was only one adult, I was getting hammered for Mr Six as a second adult. I opted for...

Unknown6432Jul 2008Nov 2008
what makes man miserable

what makes man miserable?I seriously don't know..Is it the necessity to feel miserable or the social causes that lead to it?? ..Is it inherent or ecternal??...

Unknown3190Nov 2008
Gods Blessings

God's Blessings!I often wondered when and if I would find the right person for me! A guy that tells me he loves me everyday and tells me he'lll never let anyone or an...

Unknown6244Oct 2008Nov 2008

Priceless...Greg wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass...

4MaryB7062Nov 2008Nov 2008
The Virtual Way Getting To Know Someone

The Virtual Way (Getting To Know Someone)Is it actually possible to get to know someone well via the various means available on the Internet without actually meeting in real life? Unfortun...

4MaryB7051Nov 2008Nov 2008
is it bad i like older woman or what

is it bad i like older woman or whatok so i like older woman like 22-33 i cant date weman younger than me for some reason theres no attraction...

Unknown4205Nov 2008Nov 2008
JOKE of the week

JOKE of the week!Stages of Drunkeness ----------------------------- 0 - Stone cold sober. Brain as sharp as an army bayonet. 1 - Still sober. Pleasure senses acti...

Unknown5281Nov 2008Nov 2008
Test Of Love

Test Of LoveHaving A California License is not a right , it is a have to pass a test.. same goes for love.. no problems,,just challenges.. y...

Unknown5952Nov 2008Nov 2008
Before you get to get to know me

Before you get to get to know me...Before you get to get to know me... You should now I am a single mother of two, I am struggling hard as hell to get back on my feet and I am not look...

Unknown6992Nov 2008Nov 2008

Veterans Day TributeFor those of you (men & women) who have served this country in it's defense, I honor you and thank you for answering the call to duty in an effort to...

JimNastics2,4490Nov 2008
Start of the Green Mountain Night Blog

Start of the Green Mountain Night BlogThinking back to some of my more enjoyable first dates.... I think having drinks and playing pinball was a good one. The staring into a new person...

Unknown3680Nov 2008

GOATEE'S POWER VS KNOWLEDGEOswald Chambers: All our promises and resolutions end in denial because we have no power to accomplish them. When we come to the end of ourselves, not...

Unknown5360Nov 2008

Very Inspiring Commercial. lolI think there's something for sale. I'm not sure though. I've watched it several times and I still don't see anything for sale....

JimNastics2,5120Nov 2008

ImbarrasingI was walking down the street and i walked around a corner into this studen from china or some where like that, and insted of apologizing I said "By g...

Unknown4220Nov 2008
25th CENTURY 53

25th CENTURY (53)-What someone might say to a fanatic in order to prevent the murder? -Nothing. Can hear a dead? -To whom ... we say, begins to fanatic? Konstan...

Unknown3560Nov 2008

GOATEE'S SIN IS SIN WHOLE THING IS BOGASMatthew 5:21 You heard that it is said to the people long ago, 'Do not murder,"and anyone who murders will be subject to judgement, but I tell you who...

Unknown7040Nov 2008

wordsWords can do a lot bud yust find a person thads honest with hear words and have feelings when speaking out. Is thad true so you are the one I am loo...

spoekie7010Nov 2008
Gday from Kiwi Land

G'day from Kiwi LandC'mon girls, well not too young, women perhaps . . connect to and av a read, bondy57...

Bondy576631Jun 2008Nov 2008
25th CENTURY 52

25th CENTURY (52)In appears death. The divine 'program' is the cause that can revive the body when returns in the spirit. -It’s logical conclusion. -Konstantin, the...

Unknown4960Nov 2008
Hans4711: "Places on Earth 461"(meet us in the puzzles)

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