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Jealousy!?The other day, I had a young woman come over to my house. She wanted to learn how to cook a nice Romantic Dinner for her Hubby. This young woman has n...

Unknown7832Jul 2007Aug 2007
Was She A Dream or Ghost

Was She A Dream or Ghost?Last night I had one of the strangest dreams I've ever had in my life. You know how some dreams make no sense at all, some seem very real, some are "...

Unknown6025Jul 2007Aug 2007
heres another joke

heres another jokethis cowboy goes to this saloon,hitches up his horse and goes inside to sit with his pals and have a few beers..after a while they all pretty drunk an...

Unknown2511Aug 2007Aug 2007
We Sould Be Together by Jefferson Airplane

We Sould Be Together by Jefferson AirplaneWe can be together Ah you and me We should be together We are all outlaws in the eyes of america In order to survive we steal cheat lie forge fred...

wildgoose069380Aug 2007
In My Arms

In My ArmsWhen your day is going bad and you feel nothing but sad With all you're going thru and all you have to do When your anger makes you burn and yo...

Unknown4301Jul 2007Aug 2007
An epiphany

An epiphanyDon't you just love that word? I do...but just don't get to use it enough. Someone I love, very much, is going through a difficult time dealing wi...

Unknown4021Jul 2007Aug 2007
Surviving Tuesday

Surviving Tuesday.I drove home in the rain today. Real rain, heavy, sheeting down to bar the view of the roadway. Too hard, by far, to be pushed aside by even the fas...

Unknown5830Jul 2007
He says

He says...."Don't try to feel my pain" I say, "It's too late". He says..."you can never know my pain" I say, "your pain is living in me". He says..."I have to...

Unknown4221Jul 2007Jul 2007
anyone in the mood for a joke

anyone in the mood for a joke???heres a joke to give u a smile [i hope,,lol} for the day... .....this couple thats been married for 15 years is driving along at a bout 50 mph....

Unknown2670Jul 2007
Here Looking For My Relocated Friends

Here Looking For My Relocated Friends!I'm here guys, where are my kudo's? Are you's here or what, not used to this place yet so let me know where you are here,later,Fender....

Unknown6398Jul 2007Jul 2007
A life before this Life

A life before this Life.Life is a such a question that only some people try to answer it and only a few people find its answer. Did you every try to find its answer? dont wor...

Unknown7131Jul 2007Jul 2007
The One

The OneTo much time for thinking can surely bring you down When there's no one to turn to When no one is around So focus on the days ahead and what's...

Unknown4612Jul 2007Jul 2007
I Am A Beautiful Woman

I Am A Beautiful WomanI Am A Beautiful Woman I am a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, with a beauty that doesn't wash off. I earned it, unearthed it, rescued it like a jewel in the dus...

Unknown6881Jul 2007Jul 2007
Busty or Not

Busty or NotMy gf has a good sized bust...I prefer women who are busty.. How many men like a busty women and why?...

Unknown3264Jul 2007Jul 2007

Is Rap Worthy of Being Called Music?Is rap actually worthy of being called music? I find it the aural equivalent of assault and battery. But there is more to this than merely my opinion...

ComposeRRRR8352Jul 2007Jul 2007
Explaining myself an entry directed outward

Explaining myself - an entry directed outwardPerhaps, if despite having a degree in English, my words are totally incomprehensible, you are applying the wrong yardstick. This is a blog. Whe...

Unknown8231Jul 2007Jul 2007
Being real

Being realDrink me, eat me up whole with not so much as a burp to mark my passing. Words strung like coloured lanterns mark the wanderings of a soul, most unrem...

Unknown6350Jul 2007
accidental tourist

accidental touristThats what i consider myself. I am a transplanted yankee living in Georgia five years now, and still i feel like a tourist. Is this noraml?...

Unknown6310Jul 2007
Where to start

Where to start...I am so ready to relax and have some fun in blogland. I am a writer....I love to write...I usually write some funny stuff...(I tend to cuss, but don'...

Unknown49119Jul 2007Jul 2007

IT WAS MEI'm sure many can relate to this song As I look back on my life I think of many things I've done I've learned from all my losses and some that I...

Unknown2940Jul 2007
Get Me Down Again

Get Me Down AgainThis was a very healing song for me after I decided to Divorce my EX Now this time I've gone away I can't hear the words you say I won't ever let...

Unknown4411Jul 2007Jul 2007
Just plain wrong

Just plain wrong!All the elements are there. Everything is assembled and the first mix down is complete. Just the final touches, adding the theme music and this thing...

Unknown5990Jul 2007

InsanityInsanity is like a raging wild fire that most of us have found simplistic ways to detour around. But every now and then we all tend to dance a littl...

Unknown4461Jul 2007Jul 2007

LifeIn the past few weeks I have become acutely aware of how fragile life is and how we, of able body, take for granted the simple things we do every day...

Unknown3340Jul 2007
Midday Monday Musings

Midday Monday MusingsLove it when I can be alliterative without working at it. I have spent the last couple of hours listening to and judiciously editing an interview abo...

Unknown5470Jul 2007
Listen Up

Listen Up!I wrote this about 6 months ago. LISTEN UP! For all the times I've tried and all the times I cried For every sacrifice I've made I only mak...

Unknown4472Jul 2007Jul 2007
hi new and old friends

hi new and old friendsi come saying hello and hope to see some old friends on here...

Unknown6702Jul 2007Jul 2007

A LETTER TO MY CHILDREN.....ON THE AGING OF MEYou will find this Blog posted in "FOR THE OLDER SET" Int'l Forum. Viewing is certainly NOT restricted to the Older Set! As a matter of fact, som...

Unknown2850Jul 2007
Unknown4730Jul 2007
Feeling a need

Feeling a need...I feel a poem coming on, although it could be just incipient indigestion, and I have already posted a couple today so I can come quietly to the world...

Unknown6170Jul 2007
Questions about Life

Questions about Life....!Questions and answers go together! If there is a question, there is an answer. But, unluckily, it is not easy to find out answers of all the questions...

Unknown7321Jul 2007Jul 2007
Way too Serious

Way too SeriousI've slowly come to the conclusion that people are taking personals sites way too seriously. In the real world we meet and enjoy the company of oth...

Unknown5223Jul 2007Jul 2007
The Fear of Heartache

The Fear of Heartacheby Lady J Life is tough when we are single again Fear of pain, pain so overwhelming that it brings us to our knees So when someone decides no...

Unknown5696Jul 2007Jul 2007
Relationships Taking Time to Enjoy Life

Relationships & Taking Time to Enjoy LifeBy Lady J Some people think that relationships are just about control.. I win, you lose mentality...... relationships should be anything but wi...

Unknown5474Jul 2007Jul 2007
Hello from Georgetown Kentucky

Hello from Georgetown, KentuckyHello everyone. I am new on here. Just dropping in and if you are interested and have read my profile. Drop me a line if you think we match. Thanks...

Unknown6210Jul 2007
Only ask me this do you love me

Only ask me this... do you love me?I want you to know that I do know what you need, even when I cannot give it to you. My own limitations will impede my performance, but I know that my...

gigapoint1,1441Jul 2007Jul 2007
New Memories

New MemoriesAnother song for starting over I need, to make some new memories With you, my girl It's so plain to see And when the day is done we'll know...

Unknown4364Jul 2007Jul 2007
Scents and sex on Sunday

Scents and sex on Sunday.The new body wash describes itself as being cucumber and green tea but I am sitting here in a cloud of melon scent. Not unpleasant and more a mist th...

Unknown6450Jul 2007
when do you call its quits

when do you call its quitsguys gals please give a shout out just wondering at what point do you call it quits? if you dont have 100% can you be satisfied with 90% or less?...

Unknown6254Jul 2007Jul 2007
I hate chain latters

I hate chain lattersI keep getting chain letters in my yahoo inbox. They say chain lettrs may conatained viruses. Does anyone know how can I get rid of them?...

Baddabing661,3691Jul 2007Jul 2007
Hardest Lesson to Learn in Life

Hardest Lesson to Learn in Lifeby Lady J Hardest lesson to learn in life is that we can't control other people, the way they behave. That we can't have everyone like us. All...

Unknown5455Jul 2007Jul 2007
Looks Fun

Looks FunSeems like this could be an interesting place to meet new people, and some old friends as well. Let's rock folks....

Unknown8628Jul 2007Jul 2007
jarred1: "Smartphone addiction quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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