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If you feel down about being a single person

If you feel down about being a single personMy freind wrote this and it was good so i want to post it. What becomes of a broken hearted. I woke up this morning and thought 'right' I am ti...

Unknown6011Mar 2008Apr 2008

LIFELife is to precise to just let go but, to harness what you have learned through the steps of life. Through relationship,friend,family, and any thing e...

Unknown4131Apr 2008Apr 2008
children are important

children are importantEvery one or most every one likes kids but, when you get into a relationship with someone who has kids. I normally accepted that child as my own and...

Unknown4672Apr 2008Apr 2008
How To Build A Monster

How To Build A MonsterBuilding a monster has become all the rave and has proven to be surprisingly simple. So simple that, like the do-it-yourself guides out there, this o...

injuneer1,5910Apr 2008
statues of liverpool

statues of liverpoolI am a statue cold and stiff I stand on the beach of crosby watching waiting ships pass by me like snails gliding on top of the seas passing me bye...

wayne348190Apr 2008
Hey there Chickens

Hey there Chickens!Hey there. Im bored right now so I thought I'd write a blog! Dnt go much to say right now lol So catch yas!...

Unknown5991Apr 2008Apr 2008
how to find american lady friend

how to find american lady friendi am handsome and romantic and emotional person looking for american good lady for freidnship and more .if any lady is ready for friendshipand more th...

Unknown4300Apr 2008
Before and After

Before and AfterBefore marriage.... He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait. She: Do you want me to leave? He: No! Don't even think about it. She: Do you love...

4MaryB6150Apr 2008
keeping my balance

keeping my balanceThere are days when words are crowding to my fingertips, longing to be typed. almost waving and shrieking 'no me! no me!' Thoughts and feelings swirl,...

Unknown6441Apr 2008Apr 2008
Im in love

Im in loveI think iv found him here this is best site ever:...

Unknown4742Apr 2008Apr 2008
The end of days

The end of daysIn 2012 the poles on the sun will reverse direction. This will cause all animals, such as birds, that use magnetic navigation to die. The result will...

Unknown6087Apr 2008Apr 2008

Newbie =[Well i joined this thing hoping that ill find friends.. or something else maybe. Im one of the girls who never knows what she wants and when she does...

Unknown5471Apr 2008Apr 2008
Needy people part 2

Needy people part 2I popped in here a while ago complaining somewhat about needy people on my team of teachers here in Russia. One of them had a genuine need today and I...

Unknown1,0133Mar 2008Apr 2008
Quiet day

Quiet dayToday was my "Earth Day." My Friend Debbie and I plans for this last Friday of Freedom before her new job and revised schedule kicked in. We had p...

Unknown4250Apr 2008

WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM A DOGNever pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy. When loved on...

4MaryB5921Apr 2008Apr 2008
not everyone get it

not everyone get it!!!!!i noticed some men here,that think we are so eager to have sex,we are ready to shag everyone,that call you beautiful!!!! ahhhh NOT,please,isreally...

Unknown5664Apr 2008Apr 2008
what is love

what is lovewhen your heart flutters and misses a beat your eyes open wide your pulse misses a beat your legs tremble with desire you look into their eyes...

wayne341,1021Apr 2008Apr 2008
Dare To Believe

Dare To BelieveOnce in a while you do get some really touching good emails from friends. Here is one such mail that I got this week and I liked it. I thought I would...

4MaryB7491Apr 2008Apr 2008
Ok I give up

Ok I give upI've watched others try and fail, and I've also guessed and failed. Those who have guessed it right, seem to be part of an organization dedicated to k...

Unknown5783Apr 2008Apr 2008
The Beast The Harlot

The Beast & The HarlotWell, just writing a blog to tell you all that i didn't get my man (Read the crunch if you don't know what im talking about) He's meeting someone...

Unknown6200Apr 2008
Days always pass

Days always pass.The day is winding down, I have seen my neurologist again and feel less knotted up than I did this morning. He agrees with me that my ataxia is muc...

Unknown6023Apr 2008Apr 2008
Papers your papers please

Papers, your papers pleaseOver this past decade our Supreme Court has proven a propensity for anything but supreme performance. Today’s news infringement on our rights continu...

injuneer1,7951Apr 2008Apr 2008
Tough start today

Tough start todayHaving a tough morning. I am losing elements of me that have been part of me forever. I have always danced. Always shown the echoes of my ballet tr...

Unknown6401Apr 2008Apr 2008
Why do men i Know in my social club want only one

Why do men i Know in my social club want only oneWhy do men i Know in my social club want only one night stands do not want a relationship as its against there religion is the usual answer. I will...

Unknown4760Apr 2008
Playing House

Playing "House"I cannot believe I let such a golden opportunity slip by! I had four interns and their 'mentor' doctor present at my bronchoscopy in addition to my...

Unknown5070Apr 2008
The 21st four months since my birthday

The 21st, four months since my birthday.Dawn caught me by surprise this morning. I sleep and wake in different patterns now and woke to see the sky all light, sunrise has slipped back before...

Unknown6902Apr 2008Apr 2008
pushing back the walls

pushing back the wallsI have not been able to write for the past couple of days. The occasional forum post and a poem that squeezed itself out through the cracks in the wa...

Unknown6172Apr 2008Apr 2008
My favorite spot

My favorite spotMy favorite spot is my bed. While reading or watching a movie I am comfortable and content when I'm there. Almost every day I drive east on the main...

Unknown4900Apr 2008
hola im gina

hola,im gina.hola im gina,and im back and how!!!! i say this because,i decided some time ao,that i have reach my boiling point ,and close my profile,why? IT...

Unknown6260Apr 2008
my diary day 1

my diary "day 1 "iv not kept a diary for years so i thought i would start it here instead of on paper . ok im single but i have 2 men in my radar 1 who likes me more...

Unknown1310Apr 2008
pics coming soon

pics coming soonOkay,so I'm new at this and shy.So I'm a little nervous posting a picture.I'm working on it.Besides My looks aren't who I am they are just a physical...

Unknown6434Apr 2008Apr 2008
spring is the best

spring is the bestSpring is the absolute best time of year.. When the last bit of snow is gone, the trees are budding out, flowers are sprouting. Everything seems ne...

Unknown5522Apr 2008Apr 2008
Just One of Those Tiny Little

Just One of Those Tiny Little ….Today I got angry. Oh yeah, I know that probably sounds quite droll, but for me it’s a bit of an event. There are some very good reasons why I don’t...

injuneer1,6801Apr 2008Apr 2008
The Enhancement Trap

The Enhancement TrapIn case you haven’t noticed or you have been sold on the swan song of “enhancements”, it’s a marketing trend that we are particularly susceptible to....

injuneer1,9142Mar 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 4

My POV Part 4So do we stay the coarse, and stay in Iraq? We are just buying ourselves time. In the end we lose because the resource won't be there. So maybe we...

Unknown6943Apr 2008Apr 2008
Finding the right page

Finding the right pageIt is coming up to six in the morning now, my appointment - along with everyone else who will be at this particular clinic this morning - is for 9:00...

Unknown6614Apr 2008Apr 2008

QuestionHave you ever been so aroused/excited by a conversation in a public place (like a party or something)that you wanted to have sex right away, and maybe...

Unknown1660Apr 2008
does love across the miles helps any one of us

does love across the miles helps any one of us ?phone tv internet magazine career family babies church and any others beliefs looks places where we are born or brought up society those wh...

Unknown6440Apr 2008
I believed

I believedI believed in the one perfect moment. Love arriving gently with the spirit, lasting, true and free. I believed in the one perfect answer, ye...

Unknown6841Apr 2008Apr 2008
Gone fishin

Gone fishin'He couldn't find any lures, so I suggested he use the little red wiggly person that I found when cleaning his room - I'm sure you've seen those things...

Unknown4740Apr 2008
manda the panda

manda the pandamanda the panda sits in her cage sitting waiting thats all she can do shes stroll up and down her cage looking mated and black she sits down ag...

wayne341,1901Apr 2008Apr 2008
Another appointment

Another appointmentI have seen more medical people in the last month than I did in the whole of the last six years! And I cannot say that I am any happier or healthie...

Unknown6902Apr 2008Apr 2008
Spartacus2012: "Black Poem"(meet us in the poems)

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