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A crash in the night

A crash in the night...Someone just threw a rock through my bedroom window. I heard nothing before or after the smash, no running steps, no voices. The why is as much a qu...

Unknown8671Jul 2007Jul 2007
Hearts desire

Heart's desire!A dream of never ending flowers that flow through fields and over hilltops of green so true, will come soon, maybe not this year, but soon!!The emeral...

Unknown6941Jul 2007Jul 2007
Poem of my passion for woodcarving

Poem of my passion for woodcarvingMy Gifts, From Creator’s Gifts © 2007 CreativeVibes I absolutely love every curve, To caress, to feel The rough roundness, My hands stroking...

Unknown5760Jul 2007
hi im so lonely in bama

hi i'm so lonely in bamahi , i'm just a southern gal. lookin for some fun. i guess i'm lookin for prince charming, you might say, but i'll face it i won't find him....

Unknown6340Jul 2007
The view from the edge

The view from the edgeJust showered skin sheened and slick with fresh made sweat, sun doing its best to pull moisture into the air to make its thunderstorms. The taste of...

Unknown8671Jul 2007Jul 2007
Is it seduction or just a poem

Is it seduction or just a poem?The simple act of writing things down, no matter what the format, from list to epic poem, frequently helps me focus on the central topic of my life in...

Unknown8291Jul 2007Jul 2007
Me In You

Me In YouAfter many years of travel. searching for myself, I do believe I've found me, deep in someone else. For, you have made me realize it's not myse...

gigapoint1,0072Jul 2007Jul 2007
That One Person

That One Person....That one person.... The one that comes into your life unexpectedly, the one who somehow seems to wake you up, as if you had been in some sort of co...

Unknown7132Jul 2007Jul 2007
Poem I Still Feel You

Poem) I Still Feel You© 2007 All Rights Reserved CreativeVibes Tonight though you’re far away Gone for a couple of days I still feel you Your shirt I’ll put on wh...

Unknown7171Jul 2007Jul 2007
The Dance

The DanceThe warmth of his breathe against my cheek. Sends passions throughout my soul. Waking many senses that my heart has hidden. The taste of bitterswee...

Unknown8891Jul 2007Jul 2007
The Sweet Enchantress

The Sweet EnchantressLove is like the burning candle, Kindled by two hearts; Hearts that find their fullness, In oneness. Hearts that are bound By the golden th...

gigapoint9040Jul 2007

Question???This is a question for men (white men in general)but anyone can answer it for me. I am just curious about something, we r all on here for a specific r...

Unknown1,23015Jul 2007Jul 2007
A Flower Is Natures Kiss

A Flower Is Nature's KissTo plant a flower on the lips of someone so divine, brings on the Music of the Spheres, and causes Stars to shine. It brings the Moon into the Sky...

gigapoint1,1151Jul 2007Jul 2007

alonehere iam feeling lonely alone in this world looking for love every where i don't know why i cant fined the real love why can fined the right perso...

purelove269674Jul 2007Jul 2007
Poetry Our Lovers Waltz

Poetry: Our Lover's WaltzOur Lover’s Waltz © 2007 All Rights Reserved CreativeVibes You mesmerized me with your throaty voice Your flirty eyes, flirty ways when first we...

Unknown5760Jul 2007

LoveIn one of Tyler Perry's Play's. Tyler who play's Madina talks about how it is better to be alone, then to be with someone that is not right for you, a...

Unknown6162Jul 2007Jul 2007
When words are all we have

When words are all we have...Coming home this evening, I looked to the north. The clouds were an astounding mix of lavender and grey surrounding the thrust of the tower of the cem...

Unknown5580Jul 2007
4 Grand in One Night

4 Grand in One Night!This is to all those who think stripping is "demeaning to women." So last night me and my crew landed in an ah *cough* Gentleman's Club *cough* and w...

Unknown6920Jul 2007
I met a girl here

I met a girl hereI met this girl here that I really do care for. The problem with that is I have no ideal if see feels the same for me.I have not heard from her in day...

Unknown8172Jul 2007Jul 2007
Aviso de Condulence a la Nacin de Sudamrica de T

Aviso de Condulence a la Nación de Sudamérica de TEste es un Aviso Importante a la gente del sudamericano que puede haber tenido o haber conocido [a Amigos, Familys o Parientes] en el Accidente de Air...

Unknown5013Jul 2007Jul 2007
Wednesdays accounting

Wednesday's accounting.This morning's rainstorm did not call me out to dance at all. Lightening thrummed and snapped and thunder echoed hollowly about the world while the fe...

Unknown6520Jul 2007
Poetry ReAwakening

Poetry: ReAwakeningReawakening © 2007 All Rights Reserved CreativeVibes It’s breath taking Experiencing life After long sleep Walking in bare feet Wet grass...

Unknown6550Jul 2007
Poetry Nights Dark Caress

Poetry: Night's Dark CaressNight’s Dark Caress © 2007 All Rights Reserved CreativeVibes As I lay here waiting in the open, lying in earth mothers arms I see it, feel i...

Unknown6210Jul 2007
Not the best way to begin

Not the best way to begin...The day started with pain. A deep twisting cramp that doubled back upon itself, once, twice, again and left me to practise what I occasionally preach...

Unknown6400Jul 2007
Shall I sing you

Shall I sing youa love song? Tell the secrets of the Universe in one fast chorus? What is it we seek so desperately that time cannot move quickly enough to fill our s...

Unknown6460Jul 2007
Futurism Is Alive and Well

Futurism Is Alive and WellTime is silent. Eons pass. Mind and matter come together and explode. The Middle East, Greece, China. The founding and development of philosophy, art...

Unknown9842Jul 2007Jul 2007
Continued disappointment

Continued disappointmentNo mail yet. No one interesting within 100 miles of me. The last thing that could have saved this site for me would have been some awesome forums!...

Unknown8412Jul 2007Jul 2007

VacantGranted, I haven't been here long, but...not impressed with the selection of males on here. I did a search for guys within 50 miles of me, good spa...

Unknown9484Jul 2007Jul 2007

KryieWell I finally met him and he's perfect in every way. I love spending time with him and everything. I've only seen him 3 times but that's enough to kn...

FantasmicGyrl051,0151Jul 2007Jul 2007
The Strawberry Window

The Strawberry WindowIn his dream he was shutting the front door with it's strawberry windows and lemon windows and windows like white clouds and windows like clear water...

wildgoose061,5561Jul 2007Jul 2007
Sunday Symphony continues

Sunday Symphony continues...The afternoon is full of colours dancing through the bouganvillias in salmon, orange, white, plumbago violet-blue, flamboyants red and yellow,the sun...

Unknown6990Jul 2007
lookin 4 love

lookin 4 loveI have been lookin 4 love in all the wrong places and wrong faces. It is so hard to find a man that is decent and will treat me the way i deserve to b...

Unknown8778Jul 2007Jul 2007
Rain Dance in the evening

Rain Dance in the eveningWater sheets and slides, down from the clouds, along the ground, skipping and pearling and pooling as it insinuates its tiny floods into each corner....

Unknown9872Jul 2007Jul 2007
Making it through the Week

Making it through the Week.Another Friday night, another show filled with music and information that ranged from reviews of Astronaut Farmer and The Last Time, to stretching exe...

Unknown6740Jul 2007
13 phrases on the 13th Which one is your favorite

13 phrases on the 13th! Which one is your favoriteI love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won...

Unknown8811Jul 2007Jul 2007
The OMG you interrupted my o*gasm headache

The "OMG you interrupted my o*gasm" headache...The head is the target for many aches and pains. Migraines, clusters, ice cream, eye strain, stress and then there's the 'we're done for the night' h...

Unknown1,6621Jul 2007Jul 2007
Soul mates part 2

Soul mates part 2So if Soul Mates are our spiritual family, what are Twin Flames? Twin Flames are ourselves in another body. When Souls chose to enter into physicality...

Unknown9722Jul 2007Jul 2007


Unknown8447Jul 2007Jul 2007
Content to be human

Content to be humanI received an email from a site which I subscribe to and it was entitled “Proud to be White”. I found myself thinking deeply about situations occurrin...

class1,2701Jul 2007Jul 2007
All my yesterdays

All my yesterdays...I was on my way out through the door yesterday when a reflex reach for my car keys in their designated section of my handbag came up empty. My heart s...

Unknown7840Jul 2007
Where do i go from here

Where do i go from here?Ok, so its been about two months now that I have found out my husband has been seeing someone else. Sometimes i feel like my heart has a pin in it and...

Unknown8439Mar 2007Jul 2007
Cold on a hot afternoon

Cold on a hot afternoon.I just gave myself a serious brainfreeze! Mango sorbet, soft and succulent , icy cold and golden, so sweet sliding down my throat then my! the instant...

Unknown7940Jul 2007
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