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Finding the right page

Finding the right pageIt is coming up to six in the morning now, my appointment - along with everyone else who will be at this particular clinic this morning - is for 9:00...

Unknown6494Apr 2008Apr 2008

QuestionHave you ever been so aroused/excited by a conversation in a public place (like a party or something)that you wanted to have sex right away, and maybe...

Unknown1590Apr 2008
does love across the miles helps any one of us

does love across the miles helps any one of us ?phone tv internet magazine career family babies church and any others beliefs looks places where we are born or brought up society those wh...

Unknown6280Apr 2008
I believed

I believedI believed in the one perfect moment. Love arriving gently with the spirit, lasting, true and free. I believed in the one perfect answer, ye...

Unknown6751Apr 2008Apr 2008
Gone fishin

Gone fishin'He couldn't find any lures, so I suggested he use the little red wiggly person that I found when cleaning his room - I'm sure you've seen those things...

Unknown4610Apr 2008
manda the panda

manda the pandamanda the panda sits in her cage sitting waiting thats all she can do shes stroll up and down her cage looking mated and black she sits down ag...

wayne341,1701Apr 2008Apr 2008
Another appointment

Another appointmentI have seen more medical people in the last month than I did in the whole of the last six years! And I cannot say that I am any happier or healthie...

Unknown6822Apr 2008Apr 2008
I wander and no doubt wonder

I wander and no doubt wonderI keep wandering around today. My apartment, picking things up and for the most part putting them back exactly where I took them from. On line, log...

Unknown6455Apr 2008Apr 2008

TemptationsThe fun thing about the job market is the temptation to do something rash. I’ve had some interesting offers that would boggle the mind. The best one...

injuneer1,7640Apr 2008
Book Two

Book TwoBeing a charter member of the human race, I have spent a great deal of my life in pursuit of the ever existing question of “why?”. Certainly seems di...

injuneer1,7371Apr 2008Apr 2008
Some Pain

Some Pain....Everybody has got some pain ...some scars are physical some are unseen... Scars are not to remind pain but to remind us of how simple our...

Unknown5251Apr 2008Apr 2008
Gift from a friend

Gift from a friendLast Friday I awoke, and was halfway across the room when I realized I was moving smoothly and with negligible pain. I didn't, in a word, feel "sick."...

Unknown4190Apr 2008
There are some things that I will never learn

There are some things that I will never learn."You ruined us, Mommy!" Standing there, my beautiful, intelligent, creative 18 year old daughter who has physically blossomed into quite a gorgeous w...

Unknown7641Apr 2008Apr 2008

choicesI spent yesterday finally getting my over fifty discount card - my sister went with me. My goodness, we are both old enough to be grown up now! M...

Unknown6741Apr 2008Apr 2008
10 rules for a couple

10 rules for a couple1. We will not simultaneously get angry. Be cool as water whenever another one being fire. 2. We will not shout into each others faces beside our h...

Unknown6751Apr 2008Apr 2008
Love and all its meanings

Love and all it's's such a small word but has a really big meaning. There's so much that comes from the word "Love", it's a really powerful thing. We all have...

Unknown6750Apr 2008
making the most of your time in emailing nowadays

making the most of your time in emailing nowadayshow we can make more progress can singles person take advantage of it not everyone has a computer at home but can go to cybercafe places communica...

Unknown4560Apr 2008


Unknown4860Apr 2008
The Crunch

The Crunch!!!Okay, Ive had enough of being single and frustrated about the guy that likes me!...Supposedly =] So he's in college on Wednesday, and ive decided i...

Unknown1,0241Apr 2008Apr 2008
Ryme and Reason

Ryme and ReasonI have been on this site for right at a year now, and i have never left a blog, but i decided this may be a good way to get some things...

Unknown8515Apr 2008Apr 2008
Easy access for those less able to get around

Easy access for those less able to get around.....I have been wondering how on earth wheel chair users manage to get around Auckland city. Recently I have been wheeling my granddaughter around and abo...

AngelStar5920Apr 2008
A bit of a rant

A bit of a rant.I used to think I was patient. Yesterday knocked that myth out of me! Actually, I am not being fair to myself. After weeks of unanswered questions...

Unknown7713Apr 2008Apr 2008
Makes Breaks of a relationship

Makes & Breaks of a relationshipThis is a small idea of what I think makes & breaks a relationship. To start out with there has to be a strong physical attraction. It is usually the...

Unknown6221Apr 2008Apr 2008
Just Another Day In Northern Michigan

Just Another Day In Northern MichiganWell,it has snowed yet again and it's almost the middle of April,but i guess it's to be expected in the great Northern Michigan LOL .So anyway,I'm si...

Unknown4460Apr 2008
A new beginning

A new beginningThings tend to change after a while, even when trying so hard to keep the same routine. People that try to stay away from a curtain scene so long (rea...

Unknown6780Apr 2008
Feeling human again

Feeling human again!As with all illnesses, there eventually comes a turning point, a line that once crossed is a clear indicator you are feeling better. For me, that happ...

Unknown8172Apr 2008Apr 2008
Unknown4150Apr 2008
Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight

Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything."...

Unknown8462Feb 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 3

My POV Part 3Now before I make my next statement, and all the"tree hugger's"start turning cartwheels, let me say that globally if we had 0% emissions in this count...

Unknown6391Apr 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 2

My POV Part 2Now, lets over simplify.... Ok; some more. War & Money: We are stuck now, if we roll out, Iran (Russia, China which ever is the one pulling their...

Unknown6101Apr 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 1

My POV Part 1First let me just say, before I get started with my option on these topics. I don't host a radio show, nor am I a talking head on T.V, we know how qu...

Unknown5081Apr 2008Apr 2008
Unknown5022Apr 2008Apr 2008
Letting it all hang out

Letting it all hang outI hit submit at the very moment I decided the poem said too much and not enough and anyway, people prefer pretty frothy word sundaes in the forums so...

Unknown7084Apr 2008Apr 2008
The Dream Of America

The Dream Of AmericaIn the course of history, liberty has been a dream, a flame, if you will, throughout mankind. This concept of liberty, that the majority of Americans...

Unknown6651Apr 2008Apr 2008
You know spring has sprung when

You know spring has sprung whenYou are haveing fied "cresees" with green onions....

Unknown5432Apr 2008Apr 2008
Kissed by a rose

Kissed by a rose.Well..Yesterday was the first day ive been happy in along time. I finished college yesterday at 2:30PM and decided to go to town for a while with a...

Unknown1,0561Apr 2008Apr 2008

RandomPeople of the earth, As I sit a little to far back in my chair, I begin to stare a hole in the ceiling, wondering about things in life. I ca...

Unknown5030Apr 2008

AbandonedReaders, Another month has gone by. The count down is at 1 week now. 1 week until I get to go home. Now Im packing up all the little things I...

Unknown4870Apr 2008
A history of love

A history of loveReaders, let me tell you why I wanted to come here. Why I wanted a break form my everyday life. A history if you will, of loves past. My love, and...

Unknown4780Apr 2008
Anything to be Loved

Anything to be Loved...At what point does love of oneself manifest itself? I really don't think I've ever had that, and I know that if I did, I wouldn't be feeling like suc...

Unknown6085Apr 2008Apr 2008
Writing Your Epitaph

Writing Your EpitaphIt’s past midnight and I just hit that mid-life recharge. You know what I’m talking about; that point where the meaning of you life has been once aga...

injuneer2,0721Apr 2008Apr 2008
i tried and i think i succeeded

i tried and i think i succeededI got on this site thinkin i was going to meet someone.Well i think i might have succeeded because i had a beutiful lady e-mail me and i think i reall...

Unknown6871Apr 2008Apr 2008
LifeThirst: "10 Benefits Of YOGA"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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