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"Nan.."..I am so proud to say that I've become a grandmother today; My son and his girlfriend welcomed a baby girl this morning!! 7 pounds 5 ozs.Wow!!! I am...

Polarbutterfly3513Jan 2009Jan 2009
Is It Possible To Meet A Great Man Maybe

Is It Possible To Meet A Great Man MaybeI live In A beautifull area, but finding it rather hard to find any one decent to meet. Any one out there, who maybe is a truck driver Or? Comes throu...

Unknown2221Jan 2009Jan 2009
Ode To The One I Love

Ode To The One I Love100 Things I Love About You (In No Particular Order of Course…) 1. Your “looks.” 2. Your ability to cry with me. 3. Your ability to learn. 4. Yo...

Unknown3031Jan 2009Jan 2009
A Single Tear

A Single TearTake one simple tear. Watching it pool delicately in the corner of her delightful sapphire orb, building like an ebb until it lunges out over her lash...

Unknown2261Jan 2009Jan 2009
Gig tonight

Gig tonight!!I'm playing a really Big show tonight wish me luck!!1...

Unknown1582Jan 2009Jan 2009
Dawning of A New Year

Dawning of A New YearThe medications I am currently suffering through because of an eye injury from work have laid me low and left me less than lucid for the past few days...

Unknown1911Jan 2009Jan 2009
Morning Blues

Morning BluesStiffness forces me to shift my body in the tight confine of my blanket. The weight of the couch back presses against me holding me rigid and there is...

Unknown2002Jan 2009Jan 2009
Dance slow

... Dance slow...this poem is written by alittle girl of 6 , who has cancer and has just 6 months to live..please pass it on and say a prayer for her .. Dance Slow....

Unknown1592Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Revelation of the Secret of Happiness

The Revelation of the Secret of HappinessWhile meditating, I wanted to know who was happiest on earth and I had the vision of traveling to different places and for some reason, I found myself...

4MaryB2732Jan 2009Jan 2009
Older Single Women wanted for fun in Ct any takers

Older Single Women wanted for fun in Ct any takersHi Ladies anyone out there in Ct just looking for some fun at home...

Unknown1690Jan 2009
Impossible Love

Impossible LoveI love you but do you love me? I want you but do you want me? Is this an impossible love, I asked myself and I took it to meditation and there I saw...

4MaryB3601Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Four Seasons of You

The Four Seasons of YouSpring The time of renewal, a blessed time of flowers and birth. The smile on your face broadens as you witness the glories of life. Your yearning f...

Unknown2161Jan 2009Jan 2009
A Dream

A DreamSweat running down my forearms and face, I curse, wiping the swelter from my brow as it leaks into my eyes. The sun is pounding down upon my head and...

Unknown1842Jan 2009Jan 2009

Stumble.Step forward Once, twice, fall, Pick myself up, keep on Every fall leaves a bruise Every heartbreak leaves a mark Every lie leaves a scar Every...

Unknown2432Jan 2009Jan 2009

Happiness"It is not the place, nor the condition, but the mind alone that can make anyone happy or miserable." ~ Roger L'Estrange "I think happiness is what...

4MaryB2681Jan 2009Jan 2009

ReflectionWe find Envy contemplating the light, while thinking: “I am better, more brilliant, with more brightness. Darkness is what dominates since it is a sup...

4MaryB2940Jan 2009

TIPSTips for an Exceptional, Superb & Powerful Life! 1.) Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate antidepressa...

4MaryB3442Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Secret Of Happiness

The Secret Of HappinessIf happiness is what I am looking for There are no great mysteries for me to explore, No oceans to swim or mountains to climb. No searching until t...

4MaryB2871Jan 2009Jan 2009
Fly Hunter

Fly HunterA woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter. 'What are you doing?' She asked. ‘Hunting Flies' He respond...

4MaryB3491Jan 2009Jan 2009
More Random thoughts

More Random thoughtsDon't Fight It U Know I'm Right Just here for the fun not a long time Make Rain No Pain All Gain No Games Used to be Broke Not enough for...

Unknown1770Jan 2009
A Time to Move On

A Time to Move On.....This is my first, ha...I have read many blogs in my past, and will say it can be addictive....I don't want to get too deep, all I know is that I am in...

Unknown1791Jan 2009Jan 2009
Random Thoughts from the last 3 months

Random Thoughts from the last 3 monthsI want people to think I'm cool But I won't play the game I smile and laugh at you for the drama you bring Should started running a long lon...

Unknown1570Jan 2009
Hitting depression

Hitting depression..Hit the gym after many months yesterday. Been there today also. Well.. is it true, that exercise helps depression? Amazing, cos, I am so depressed t...

Unknown3255Jan 2009Jan 2009
Do I just atract that one sort of guy

Do I just atract that one sort of guy?Ok, why is it just about everytime I talk to a guy on this site they start off nice and fun to talk to, but then they start calling me sexy and making...

Unknown2174Jan 2009Jan 2009
The eyes of a lover unseen

The eyes of a lover unseenEyes wide open, Windows to the soul, I see what you've been thinking, I see that you're not whole. Take my hand in silence, Let me lead you hom...

Unknown1600Jan 2009
Help is on the way

Help is on the way!!!!!I have ben Blessed enough to be able to help people with many different problems in there life.Negative outlooks on any scale is not a option!This is...

Unknown1410Jan 2009
august 2006

august 2006i was a stupid little naive girl i went with him against my moms orders i thought it would be fun he was older and attractive he seemed nice an...

Unknown1753Jan 2009Jan 2009
wedding days

wedding days!WEDDING DAYZ! Current mood: distractable Category: Writing and Poetry WEDDING DAYZ! A wondrous day glorious setting...

trust634090Jan 2009
The Consequence

The Consequence.This is what I feel For once, it's all real For once, I take my mistake and learn from it To think I said I loved you, I laugh at the thought of it...

Unknown2152Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Circle Jerk Jinx Part 2

The Circle Jerk Jinx: Part 2It all started when she was a baby. She was a home wrecker upon birth, uprooting a marriage and causing a town scandal in the process. The lustful, ch...

Unknown3112Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Past Is Gone

The Past Is Gone!I feel no regrets for opportunities lost; I will not dwell on wasted time. Of this I am sure, and I openly state, "It is now that I am in my prime....

4MaryB3081Jan 2009Jan 2009
Mental Feng Shui

Mental Feng ShuiONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational ski...

4MaryB2541Jan 2009Jan 2009

TRUE LOVEYou know I read on here somewhere about true love. I have this poem I dont know who wrote it. But I learned it when I was a kid and it stayed with me...

Unknown2142Dec 2008Jan 2009

GOATEE'S THE CROSS A GIFT NOT AN EXCUSEOswald Chambers: The Cross is God exhibiting His nature. It is the gate which any and every individual can enter into a oneness with God. But it is no...

Unknown1640Jan 2009
Love Loss Moving on

Love, Loss, Moving onWhy does it hurt so bad to talk to you? When will these feelings learn they can't be true? When will my heart be through, Through with the love I o...

Unknown2667Dec 2008Jan 2009
J D Salinger

J.D. Salinger"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody"...

nobody543521Dec 2008Jan 2009
Gods most fragile creations

God's most fragile creationsSnowflakes, sticking together, art of intimacy, God's creations, goodness graciousness A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look...

4MaryB3010Jan 2009
When Two Are One

When Two Are OneExplosions in my head, that just won't quit. A train has crashed into the wall around my heart, and left the old me dead. Stop my breathing in...

Unknown1621Jan 2009Jan 2009
How to Have the Happiest New Year

How to Have the Happiest New YearThe New Year is an amazing opportunity for us to look ahead and resolve to live each day like it is our first. When we focus on serving Jesus each day...

4MaryB3191Dec 2008Jan 2009
what do ya think

what do ya think?sparks of light This mystic world that we grow in, shoots memories and pain through me For i can not be seen here, Hiding my face with brambles...

Unknown4262Nov 2008Jan 2009
The Circle Jerk Jinx a short story series Part 1

The Circle Jerk Jinx (a short story series) Part 1Circle Jerker Berserker # 1: He started an online gangbang of trolls, patting himself on the back with satisfaction as he managed to sic a gang of...

Unknown2670Jan 2009
The world is full of shit

The world is full of shitTh world is full of shit so obviously we do smell like shit because we lie in it. You find people who even talk shit and others will swallow it so wha...

DonJuann19694614Dec 2008Jan 2009
Track16: "Would This Really Work?"(meet us in the forums)

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