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Today kinda sucks

Today kinda sucksDreary and wet. Cloudy depressing. I am tired, cranky and just want to run outside and scream. Plenty of crap in my world and my mind today. I need a...

Unknown8936Mar 2007Apr 2007
looking for a special lady

looking for a special lady!hi ! i am from Turkey and am 23 years old. i am looking for a serious relationship and someone to marry. i am reliable, caring and loyal. age is not...

Unknown1,1880Apr 2007
My life

My lifeI know people are tired of my depressing self hating posts on the forums, and I know alot are being ignored now as thinking "he just wants attention"....

Unknown4326Mar 2007Apr 2007
travelling bonus

travelling bonusPutting that suitcase in order, figuring out what to take or not, making sure I have all my travel papers and itinery....taking that taxi to the airpo...

Unknown1,0530Apr 2007
Howcome Connecting Singles does not have IM

Howcome Connecting Singles does not have IM?Other sites have Instant Massage chat. I really enjoy chatting with friends....

Unknown1,1631Mar 2007Mar 2007
online Dating

online DatingI wonder why women dont answer messages that you take the time and trouble to write. javascript:emot(''); frustratedjavascript:emot(''); confused...

Unknown1,27315Mar 2007Mar 2007
the first hello

the first helloOk...Here it is! Why is it so difficult sometimes to come up with the perfect opening line? Can anyone give some suggestions?...

Unknown1,2644Mar 2007Mar 2007
Life as it is

Life as it isLife isn't easy, thats what they say, We all pushed through the system, trying to get paid. An array of confusion is this complex network we call ou...

Unknown1,0092Mar 2007Mar 2007
Dating services

Dating servicesHave any of you ever got those flyers in your mailbox saying they can find your perfect match, just fill out this form, and you will be contacted? Wel...

Unknown9481Mar 2007Mar 2007
Me And Murphys Law

Me And Murphy’s LawOld Man Murphy and his freakin’ Laws. Gotta love ‘em, aye? So, I’m in Oklahoma where I have just picked up the car my grandfather gave me. It’s a...

twila_zoned1,5611Mar 2007Mar 2007
Love my meetings and socializing

Love my meetings and socializing.I have endured all the hell that grief has thrown at me and I am still alive. Never knew I loved her so much till she died. I am really enjoying being...

Unknown3632Mar 2007Mar 2007
Spring is here

Spring is hereO.k. ladies....spring is here, so soon you will be showing off those pretty feet of yours in a variety of sexy shoes. A few rules to follow in case yo...

Unknown1,0015Mar 2007Mar 2007
Quiet Site

Quiet SiteThis seems like a very quoet site this evening. I've checked out a few proffiles, sent a flower and that's aboout it. Perhaps it is livelier on the...

Unknown9400Mar 2007
My Friends To Do List for When I Die

My Friends "To Do List" for When I DieOK… so most of you know this already, but it never hurts to reiterate, since we were probably drunk when we had the original conversation… Whe...

twila_zoned1,1310Mar 2007
Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem!I was reading something last evening in which someone had made the comment "Carpe Diem". Personally, I'm not a morning person. I don't wake up 'til so...

twila_zoned1,5042Mar 2007Mar 2007
I am new to the Online dating sites

I am new to the Online dating sitesSpent the last 4 1/2 months being completely single. Now I am ready to try the dating thing again. It is a little scary considering that I was married...

Unknown1,1526Mar 2007Mar 2007

ButterfliesSome wise stories and quotes that I'd like to share- Once Chuang Chou dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy...

Unknown9200Mar 2007
has anybody ever had any out of body experiences

has anybody ever had any out of body experiences ?does it really happen ? is it true ? and ..whats the astral plane?...

Unknown1,4161Mar 2007Mar 2007

FunnyJust because I try to be funny online hides the fact that I'm really a sad and lonely person. I have very few friends, so I try to cheer myself up by...

Unknown53014Mar 2007Mar 2007
Here we go

Here we go.Hi, I am a bit terrified by this whole meeting, chatting and dating scene. I haven't had to do this for over 20 years and the game/rules have changed...

Unknown1,0832Mar 2007Mar 2007
bleh i am bored

bleh i am i wrote a poem... It is in greek by the way... so anyone who can't read greek won't get it. Message me if you want the translation, okay?...

Unknown1,4191Mar 2007Mar 2007
Wheres the Father

Where's the Father?Hiya Everyone... Figure this out... You'll have a chuckle or two afterwards... Later A mother is 21 years older than the child. In 6 years, the mo...

Unknown1,2163Mar 2007Mar 2007
A beautiful Sunday

A beautiful SundayI got to enjoy the sun a little today, which is not very common for me considering that I have been working the night shift for the last couple of wee...

Unknown1,0100Mar 2007

hmmmwell, recently received word that my mother's cousin had been checked into the hospital...she was dizzy and vomiting, and because she didn't have insu...

Unknown3221Mar 2007Mar 2007
Bricks in the Wall

Brick's in the WallI make mistakes. I try to learn from them, not repeat them, don't let them jade me. Far too long I had a wall built around me. Only close friends in...

Unknown3935Mar 2007Mar 2007
just a thought I suppose

just a thought, I supposeok as I sit here at 240 in the am wondering where my life is going and all that. I have to think about all the people in my life. My friends and my...

Unknown1,5573Mar 2007Mar 2007
The merry go round

The merry go round....Pretty lights and carnival music Painted ponies with bowed heads Round and round they dance so Always chasing rainbows. The lights tur...

Unknown4246Mar 2007Mar 2007
Why do some

Why do some?Why do some souls not smile as they pass us bye? Why do some trees stand so tall towards the sky? Why do some people we love leave & say goodbye? W...

Unknown1,3680Mar 2007

windfallenoooh the wind has fallen around my tears,like a sweet thought that has grabeded my throat, i rush the memorys of a long distant youth, befallen swee...

Unknown2,2742Mar 2007Mar 2007
Do you believe

Do you believe....Do you believe in love? Soul-Mates, does everyone really have one out there made just for them? Tell me what you believe in! I believe in faith! T...

Unknown1,3814Mar 2007Mar 2007
Truth and Honesty

Truth and HonestyTruth and Honesty is what makes for a pure heart and soul. 1/2 the story and just kidding is what ruins good people and good relationships.Truth and...

Unknown1,3353Mar 2007Mar 2007
Life is changing once again

Life is changing - once again...Life is always changing - there is no standing still. Sometimes it changes for the better of things, and others, well, we're left picking up the piec...

Unknown1,3902Mar 2007Mar 2007
Moments of Clarity

Moments of ClarityI was looking back through a journal I kept after my marriage ended sixteen months ago...this is an excerpt from December 2005...a month after my near...

Unknown8996Mar 2007Mar 2007
poems i like

poems i likeAlways I will haunt you For we were fated from Gods soul. You will see my eyes in heavenly skies, when I beckon you, you'll know. Hear me laughi...

Unknown1,4973Mar 2007Mar 2007
Sausages From The Heart

“Sausages From The Heart”:-Well another day at the office so to speak, do I just scan through likely matches send a few hopeful flowers, an email or three and sit legs crossed o...

Unknown1,4941Mar 2007Mar 2007
Weekend Relief

Weekend ReliefIt's finally here. Slip into the pajama's and wind down. Haven't really spent alot of time in CS this week. Pretty hectic at work, alot going on in...

Unknown3237Mar 2007Mar 2007
First blog addendum

First blog addendumJust as an add on to my previous post.....charges were laid by the child's mother the night it happened. Was simply expressing my own thoughts on the...

Unknown1,3170Mar 2007
Travelling running away other stories

Travelling, running away & other storiesThis one is the story of a week travelling through France and onto Greece. ------------------ A pikey’s life for me! Pre-Day One I suppo...

Unknown5278Mar 2007Mar 2007
An Encounter Part 2 is done

An Encounter Part 2 is doneIt seems that I'm only allowed 4000 characters per blog. I finished my story at just under 6000 only to realize that i had to delete it. lmao What a...

Unknown3730Mar 2007
Finding true love on Connecting Singles who knew

Finding true love on Connecting Singles..who knew?Keep Hope Alive...M.L.K. Just when I believed that being single was O.K. and had given up hope that a man of Integrity,sincerity.honesty and loyalty...

Unknown1,5443Mar 2007Mar 2007
another day

another dayI'm sitting hear listening to David spade on tv. He's funny. I find that I self medicate with movies and television. When I'm down I try to find the f...

Unknown1,3710Mar 2007

Monday?!A day in which things are difficult to get in gear. The melting of snow and spring has sprung, what more could be asked for. A day in which the diff...

Unknown3182Mar 2007Mar 2007

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